HC Deb 08 July 1805 vol 5 c796

Sir W. Burroughs rose, pursuant to a notice he had given of a motion arising out of the report of the committee of that house, on the case of sir H. Popham, by which committee, that gallant officer had unanimously been acquitted of the charges that had been brought against his integrity and fidelity. But convinced as he was that the house, at this late period of the session, and when the attendance was so very thin, was not desirous again to agitate the various motions contained in 'the report to which he had alluded, and in other papers long since before the house, he hoped he might be permitted to postpone his motion till the beginning of next session, when he should move the resolutions of which he had given notice. The first resolution would be, that the charges brought against the integrity of sir Home Popham were wholly unfounded; and the 2d, That it appeared on the contrary to the house, that he had discharged the trust reposed in him with ability and fidelity, and so as to have powerfully conduced to the benefit of the public service. The hon. baronet was proceeding to offer the arguments upon which he rested his resolutions, when he was called to order by the Speaker, who observed, that he was going beyond the bounds usually Set to the mere notice of a motion.