HC Deb 26 April 1805 vol 4 c430

A new writ was ordered for Bleachingley, in the room of James Mills, Esq. deceased.—Sir John Newport, after observing that the order of the house made on the 7th March last, for an account of the expences of state prosecutions in Ireland, had not been complied with, moved that it be forthwith complied with. Ordered.—On the motion of Sir John Newport, it was ordered that the several papers presented yesterday from the office of the Chief Secretary for Ireland, be printed.—Sir John Anderson brought up a bill for making a Tunnel under the Thames, from the parish of Rotherhithe, in Surrey, to the parish of St. John Wapping, in Middlesex. Read a first, and ordered to be read a second time.—On the motion of Mr. Rose, the Thames Lastage and Ballastage bill was read a second time.—Sir M. W. Ridley observed, that this bill repealed all the regulations of former acts, and substituted other very important ones which required a good deal of consideration; he therefore requested the right hon. gent. would not push it immediately through a committee, but allow a few days for that purpose: to winch Mr. Rose acceding, the bill was ordered to be committed to a committee of the whole house on Monday fortnight.—On the motion of sir A. S. Hammond, it was ordered that there be laid before the house a copy of a letter from the Comptroller of the Navy to the Board of Admiralty, dated 22d April, 1805, on the subject of the evidence printed in the 11th Report of the Commissioners of Naval Enquiry; together with copies of sundry papers therein referred to.—Mr. Creevey referred to some observations which had been made some time since on the subject of the revenue of the Isle of Man. It might be recollected that it was then stated that the surplus of the revenue of that island for six years had amounted to the sum of 20,000l. Upon enquiry into its application, it was said that in the year 1802, the sum of 3,000l. had been paid into the Exchequer, and passed over to the consolidated fund, notwithstanding there was a specific act of parliament against such application. Of course there was the sum of 17,000l. remaining for the purposes of the island. The hon. member then gave notice, that he would on Friday next move for a committee to enquire into the application of the remainder of the surplus revenue of the Isle of Man.