HC Deb 11 April 1805 vol 4 c372

The Speaker came down to the house at three o'clock, and after at- tending in the house of peers, pursuant to a summons by the Black Rod, on his return, informed the house that the royal assent had been given by commission to the Irish Militia Volunteer bill, the Irish Spirit Permit bill, the London Bread Assize bill, Boyer's Lottery bill, and several private bills.—Lord Stopford informed the house from the bar that his majesty had been waited on with the address of last night, and had been graciously pleased to appoint 4 o'clock this day to be waited on therewith. —A new writ was ordered for the borough of Malton, in the room of the hon. C. L. Dundas, who since his election had accepted the stewardship of his majesty's Chiltern Hundreds. —The Prize Courts bill, and the Property Duty bill, passed through a committee pro formâ, were then reported, ordered to be printed as amended, and the reports to be severally taken into further consideration on the 30th instant.