HC Deb 08 April 1805 vol 4 c255
Mr. Huskisson

brought up a bill for amending and rendering more effectual the Property bill, which was read a first time.—The house resolved itself into a committee of supply. Mr. Foster moved, that an account of the unfunded debt of Ireland be referred to the said Committee. Ordered.—He then moved, that a sum not exceeding 800,000l. be granted to his majesty for paying off Treasury bills, for the year. 1805, which was agreed to, and the report ordered to be received tomorrow.—Mr. Stuckey, from the Excise Office in Scotland, presented at the bar an account of the arrears and current balances in that department. Ordered to lie on the table.

Mr. Johnstone

begged leave to ask Mr. Sheridan, whether he had abandoned his motion relative to the affairs of the Carnatic? If he meant to do it, he would, inadequate as he confessed his abilities to be to a subject of such vast importance, bring it forward it forward.

Mr. Sheridan

said, though the matter had long lain dormant, he certainly did not mean to abandon it; especially as a noble lord opposite had seemed to hint, some short time back, that these affairs had been so happily settled, that all inquiry was unnecessary. He .meant, immediately after the holidays, to fix a precise day for bringing forward his motion on that subject.