HC Deb 05 April 1805 vol 4 cc210-1

The Speaker, attended by the house, proceeded to the house of peers, and being returned, he reported that the house, at the desire of the lords, authorized by virtue of his majesty's commission, had been at the house of peers, Where a Commission, under the great seal was read, giving the royal assent to the following public and private bills, viz, An act for granting to his majesty additional duties, within G. Britain, on certain goods wares, and merchandize, imported into, or brought or carried coastwise; an act for granting to his majesty several additional duties of excise in G. Britain; an act for granting to his majesty additional stamp duties in G. Britain on certain legacies.—A petition of the master pilots and seamen of the trinity house of Newcastle upon Tyne, was presented to the house, and read; setting forth, that the petitioners are incorported by divers charters from the crown, and by virtue thereof do collect and receive, for keeping and repairing two light-house at North shields, at or near the port of Newcastle, certain duties prescribed by the said charters to be paid by the owners of ships or vessels entering the said port; and that the said light-houses have, from alterations in the channel and course of the river, become ill-placed, and unfavourable to the safe navigating of vessels; and it is necessary that two new light-houses should be erected, which will give a different line of direction or leading mark to ships entering into or leaving the said port; and that from the necessity of consulting and advising with a large and numerous body of men interested in the trade of the port, and residing at different places, the petitioners were not able to present their petition to the house before the day fixed for presenting petitions for private bills had expired; and therefore praying for leave to present a petition for a bill for erecting the said proposed new lighthouses.— Leave granted. A message from the lords have agreed to the bill, intituled, An act to enable the East India company to appoint the commander in chief on the Bengal establishment to be a member of the council of Fort William, in Bengal; notwithstanding the office of governor general of Fort William and the office of commander in chief of all the forces in India being vested in the same person; without any amendment; and also that the lords have agreed to the bill, intituled, an act for regulating the police of the city of Edinburgh and the adjoining thereto; without any amendment.—Sir Hew Dalrymple Hamilton reported from the committee, to whom the bill for erecting and maintaining a harbour, docks, and other works, at Ardrossan, in the country of Ayr, was committed; and to whom the petition of Robert Carrick, of Braco, banker in Glasgow, in the country of lanark, was referred that no person appeared before the committee in support of the petition; and that the committee had examined the allegations of the bill, and found the same to be true; and that the committee had gone through the bill, and made several amendments, thereunto, which they had directed him to report to the house; and he read the report, and afterwards delivered the bill, With the amendments, in at the table, where the amendments were read, and agreed to by the house. Mr. William. Dickinson presented to the house pursuant to their orders, copy of a letter from sir Home Popham to William Marsden, esq, secretary to the admiralty, dated 25th Feb. 1805; with its enclosures; and also, copy of a letter from sir Home Popham to the navy board, dated 28th February 1805; and also copy of a letter from sir Home Popham to the navy-board, dated 26th March 1805; with the answer of that board thereto; and also, copy of a letter from the commissioners of his majesty's navy to William Marsden, esq. secretary to the admiralty, dated 1st April 1805, together with a schedule of the said papers: and the said schedule was read. Ordered, that the said papers do lie upon the table; and be printed for the members of the house.— Ordered, that the order of the day, for the house to resolve itself into a committee of the whole house, to consider of so much of an act, made 43 Geo. III. as relates to the salaries of the judges of the vice-admiralty courts in the island of Malta, and in the Bermuda and Bahama islands; and the enabling his majesty to grant contingent annuities to such judges on their resignation, be now read: and the same being read; the house resolved itself into the said committee; and, after some time spent therein, the Speaker resumed the chair; and Mr. William Dickinson reported from the committee, that they had come to several resolutions, which they had directed him to report, when the house will please to receive the same. Ordered, that the report be received upon Tuesday next.— The house was moved, that an act, made 43 Geo. III. for granting to his majesty a contribution on the profits arising from property, professions, trades, and offices, might be read: and the same being read; Ordered, that leave be given to bring in a bill to repeal certain parts thereof, and to consolidate and render more effectual the provisions for collecting the duties granted by the said act.