HC Deb 03 April 1805 vol 4 cc183-4
Mr. Dickenson

jun. moved, that there be laid before the house a copy of a letter from sir Home Popham to the secretary of the admiralty, dated 25th Feb. 1805, with its enclosures; also, a copy of a letter from the navy board to the admiralty, dated 1st April, 1805, in answer to the abovementioned letter of sir H. Popham; also, a copy of a letter from sir H. Popham to the navy board, dated Feb. 28, 1805; also, a copy of a letter from sir B. Popham to the navy board, dated March 26, 1805, with the answer of the board thereto.

Mr. Grey

said, he did not rise to object to the production of these or any other papers that might tend to elucidate the subject, but merely to remark, that several weeks had elapsed since a variety of papers moved for on both sides had been presented, since which no inquiry had taken place. By such motions as the present the discussion might be postponed to an indefinite period.

Mr. Dickenson

stated the grounds of his motion, which were, that sir H. Popham having discovered some imperfections in the original report of the navy board, had written to the admiralty on the subject, and that the amended report had not been received by the admiralty until yesterday, Some further conversation ensued between Mr. Grey, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Dickenson, and Mr. Kinnaird; in the course of which Mr. Kinnaird intimated his intention of bringing forward a motion relative to sir H. Popham, on Tuesday, the 7th of May next. Mr. Dickenson's motions were then agreed to.

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