HC Deb 09 March 1804 vol 1 cc809-10

The Speaker, attended by several members, having, pursuant to summons, proceeded to the House of Lords, announced on his return that the royal assent had been given by commission to the Mutiny Bill, the Royal Marine Mutiny Bill, the Irish Bank Restriction Bill, the Duke of York's Estate Bill, the Portugal Corn Indemnity Bill, the Greenland Wale Fishery Bill, the Scotch Creditor's Bill, and the London Wet Docks Bill.—Ordered, on the motion of Mr. Hiley Addington, that it be an instruction, to the committee appointed to consider the disputes between the masters, and journeymen of the cotton trade, that they do also consider of proper measures to prevent such disputes in future, and that they do report their proceedings, with their opinion, &c. to the House. It was also ordered that an account of the several proceedings, taken in the course of the last session upon the subject of these disputes, should be referred to the said committee.—Sir J. W. Anderson reported from the committee on Messrs. Boydell's Lottery Bill. The report, with the amendments, was agreed to, and the bill was ordered to be read a third time.—Mr. Ormsby obtained leave to bring in a bill to regulate the establishment of the parochial watch, and for other purposes in Dublin.—Sir Wm. Pulteney brought up the report of the committee appointed to consider the petition from the governor and company of the Bank of Scotland, which was agreed to. and leave was given to bring in a bill to enable the said petitioners to make a further increase of their capital stock.—On the motion of Dr. Durgenan the Irish Clergy Orders Regulation Bill was read a third time and passed.—Mr. Pitt gave notice, that he should bring forward on Thursday next, a motion relative to the naval defence of the country.