HC Deb 07 March 1804 vol 1 c736

A message from the Lords announced their consent to the Portugal Corn Indemnity Bill, the London Dock Bill, the Duke of York's Estate Bill, the Irish Bank Restriction Bill, and others.—Doctor Duigenan moved the order of the day for the commitment of the Bill for Regulating the Age at which Holy Orders should be allowed to be taken in Ireland. The Bill was accordingly committed, and ordered to be reported to-morrow.—Sir E. Hartopp brought in a Bill to enable the Peace-Officers of Leicester, at the Quarter-Sessions, to make a fair rate of taxes for that county. Read the first time.—Mr. Vansittart brought up a Bill for permitting the importation of hides, tallow, and wool, in foreign ships, on paying of the like duties as if imported in British or Irish ships. Read a first time, and ordered to be read a second time to-morrow.—Mr. Alexander brought up the Report of the Irish Revenue Acts Bill.—Sir William Young, Chairman of the Committee on the Ilchester Election, brought up the report of the determination of the committee, which wa3, that it was the opinion of the committee, that, of the sitting members, Charles Brooke, Esq. was duly elected; but that Sir Wm. Manners was not duly elected; that neither John Manners, Esq. nor Wm. Webb, Esq. were duly elected members for the borough of Ilchester, but that neither of the petitions of these two gentlemen appeared frivolous or vexatious.—Sir W. Young then gave in a special report from the said committee, stating, that in the opinion of the committee, Sir Wm. Manners had, at the last election for Ilchester, by himself, or his agents, been guilty of bribery and corruption, so as to incapacitate him from sitting for the borough of Ilchester upon such election, and also that Wm. Webb had been guilty of bribery and corruption. This report was ordered to lie on the table.—On the motion for Sir Wm. Young, the speaker was ordered to send his warrant to the clerk of the crown, to issue a writ for the election of a burgess to serve in Parliament for the borough of Ilchester, in the room of Sir Wm. Manners, whose seat had been declared vacant.