HC Deb 20 February 1804 vol 1 cc492-3

Mr. St. John, from the Committee appointed to try and determine the merits of the Honiton Election, reported that the Sitting Member, George Shum, Esq. was duly elected, and that the petition was not frivolous and vexatious.—Mr. Steele reported from the Committee appointed to try and determine the merits of the Durham Election, that R. Wharton, Esq. was not duly elected; that the Election, as far as related to the said R. Wharton, was void, and that neither the petition nor the opposition was frivolous or vixatious.—Anew writ was ordered for Durham, in the room of the said R. Wharton, Esq.—Mr. Secretary Yorke moved that there be laid before the House, an account of such volunteer corps in Great Britain as have been placed upon permanent pay and duty since November, 1803. Ordered.—Mr. Secretary Yorke afterwards laid the account before the House; which was ordered to be printed.—Mr. Creevey rose to postpone the motion which he had given notice of for tomorrow, till some day next week, but he hoped that no long time would elapse before he had an opportunity of calling the serious attention of the House to the subject.—Mr. Corry postponed his motion for a committee on the acts relative to the Irish Revenue till Friday next.—A new writ was ordered for Bramber in Sussex in the room of George Sutton, Esq. deceased.—The House agreed to go into a committee of the whole House on the Royal Marine Mutiny Bill to-morrow.—The Greenland Whale Fishery Bill was read a second time, and ordered to be committed to a committee of the whole House tomorrow.—The Committee of supply and of Ways and Means was deferred until Wednesday.