HC Deb 09 February 1804 vol 1 cc467-8

The House met at half past three o'clock. On counting over the House at four, it appeared that 142 members were present, and they forthwith proceeded to a ballot for a Committee, to try the merits of the petitions complaining of an undue election and return for the borough of Windsor, The gentlemen composing the Committee are, Hon. J. Scott, Hon. H. Lascelles, J. Ferguson, Esq., Hon. E. Lascelles, J. Lubbock, Esq., G. Porter, Esq. J. Fane, Esq., Hon. R. Curzon, Hon. C. Norton, J. W, Willett, Esq., F. Burton, Esq., Sir H. W. Dashwood, Bart., W. Baldwin, Esq. Nominees, C. Dundas, Esq., W. S. Bourne, Esq.—Sir J. Anderson brought up the report of the Committee on the London port bill; the amendments were agreed to, and the bill ordered to be engrossed.—He also brought up the bill for enabling the West India dock company to raise a further sum of money for completion of their works. Read a first time.—Colonel Stanley Wrought up a petition from the town and corporation of Liverpool, praying leave to bring in a bill for the erection of a ferry-house. Referred to a Committee.—The Committee of the whole House on the mutiny bill was postponed to this day se-nnight.—The Per ugal seed corn exportation indemnity bill was passed through a Committee. Report ordered to be received to-morrow.