HC Deb 01 February 1804 vol 1 c385

The House met this day pursuant to adjournment. The Speaker took the chair at half past three. A bill for inclosing lands within the manor and parish of Kettering, in the county of Northampton, was read a second time, and committed,—Mr. Hobhouse brought in a bill for enabling his Majesty to settle certain lands on his Royal Highness the Duke of York. Read a first time, and ordered for a second reading.—A new writ was also issued for the election of a member for Truro, in the room of J. Lemon, Esq. who since his election, has accepted the place of commissioner for executing the office of lord high admiral of Great-Britain.—A new writ was also issued for the election of a member for Walling-ford, in the room of Sir F. Sykes, deceased.—Mr. Vansittart moved, that there be laid before the House the amount of the net produce of the permanent taxes, from the 5th January 1803 to the 5th January 1804, distinguishing each quarter. Ordered.—Mr. Secretary Yorke gave notice, that he should this day se'nnight move for leave to bring in a bill to consolidate, explain, and amend the several acts that have been passed respecting the volunteers—The Chancellor of the Exchequer gave notice, that he should to-morrow move for a select committee, to inquire into the state of civil list. He should also move to-morrow for a select committee to take into consideration the joint account between Great-Britain and Ireland.