HC Deb 29 November 1803 vol 1 cc45-6
Mr. Hurst

brought up the report of the Committee on the expiring laws. It was ordered to lie on the table, and to be printed.—Sir Robert Buxton moved that, there be laid before the house an account of the quantity of strong beer, table beer, and small bee, brewed in this country and liable to duty, from the 5th Jan. 1802, to the 5th Jan 1803.—Mr. Vansittart suggested the propriety of wording the motion in such a way as to enable the officers to whom the order was to be directed, to comply with the desire of the house, and with the wishes of the hon. baronet, which it would be impossible for them to do if the motion remained as it at present stood, as they could have cognizance of such beer only as actually paid the duty.—The motion, amended according to this suggestion, was put and agreed to.—The bill for preventing the desertion of petty officers and seamen was read a second time, and ordered to a committee oft he whole houle on Thursday next—Mr. Steele appeared at the bar, and informed the house that his Majesty had been waited upon with the address voted yesterday, for the production of certain estimates to the house, and that his Majesty had been graciously pleased to order the same.—Mr. Tierney presented a petition from the debtors confined in the county gaol of Surrey.—It was ordered to lie on the table.—Mr. Adams brought up the account of the estimates of the ordinary and extraordinary expenses of the navy for year 1804. Ordered that these estimates be taken into consideration on Friday next.—The Chancellor of the Exchequer gave notice, that he would to-morrow move for leave to bring in a bill to continue further the restriction of specie from the Bank.—Mr. Corry gave notice of a similar motion with respect to the Bank of Ireland.