HC Deb 15 December 1803 vol 1 c354

The Deputy Usher of the Black Rod appeared at the bar of the House, and desired its attendance in the House of Peers. The Speaker, attended by several members, accordingly proceeded to the Upper House, where the royal assent was given by commission, to the Malt Duty Bill, the Pension Duly Bill, the Curates' Relief Bill, the: Irish Habeas Corpus Bill, the Irish Martial Law Bill, the East India Bonds Bill, the Irish I Sugar Drawbacks Bill, the Irish Oats Distillation Prohibition Bill, and the Portugal Wine Bonding Bill.—On their return, this Chancellor of the Exchequer said, he rose to move, that the House should, at its rising, adjourn to Monday next. Previous to the question being put, he observed, that, perhaps, it would be proper to give notice of his intention of moving, early after the meeting of the House, for the appointment of a: Committee, to inquire into the cause of he disputes between the cotton manufacturers and their servants. He should have moved for such Committee, previous to the recess, had it not been for the absence of several gentlemen, whom he wished to be present when the subject was brought forward. He also intended to move for a Committee to inquire what difference there was between, spirits distilled from malt produced from barley grown in England, and spirits ditilled from barley grown in Scotland.—The order of the day for receiving the Report of the Committee of Supply was deferred till Monday.—The Committees of Supply and Ways and Means were postponed till Monday.— Adjourned till Monday.