HC Deb 08 December 1803 vol 1 c149

The Malt Duty Bill, the Irish Habeas Corpus Suspension Bui, the Irish Martial Law Bill, the East India Bonds Bill, and the Qualification Indemnity Bill, were severally read a third lime, and passed.—The Pension Duty Bill, the Five Million Loan Bill, the Expiring Laws Bill, l the Irish Corn Exportation Bill, the Irish; and the British Sugar Drawback Bill, the Irish Silver Note Bill, the Curates' Relief Bill, and the Irish Oats Distillation Bill, were reported, and ordered to be read a third time to-morrow.—Lord Castlereagh stated at the bar, that his Majesty had been waited upon with the address of that House upon the subject of his most gracious communication respecting General Barton being taken into custody; and that his Majesty had been pleased to receive the ad dress in the most gracious manner.—His lordship informed the House also of the gracious reception of the address respecting the sums of money which that House had voted and had yet to make good.—The Portugal Wine Bonding Bill had several new clauses added, the most prominent of which was one extending the benefit of the act to the importers and proprietors of Spanish Wine. The report was ordered to be received to-morrow.—The Irish Inland Navigation Accounts were ordered to be printed.