HC Deb 03 December 1803 vol 1 cc84-6


Mr. Hobhouse

brought up the report of the committee upon expiring laws. The resolutions were read and agreed to, and bills were ordered to be brought in pursuant to them.—Mr. Secretary Yorke presented a copy of a proclamation issued by the lord lieutenant of Ireland, to prevent distillation from oats and oatmeal in that country. Ordered to be laid on the table.—Mr. Corry gave notice, that on Monday he should move for leave to bring in a bill to indemnify the lord-lieu tenant of Ireland for issuing this proclamation; and also, that he should move for the introduction of a clause into that bill to enable the lord lieutenant to impose such a prohibition, during a time to be limited.—Mr. Hobhouse brought up the report of the committee for considering the propriety of affording a temporary relief to the Curates displaced by the operation of the bill for enforcing the residence of the clergy. The resolution for granting £8000 for this purpose was agreed to.—Sir Francis Burdett presented a petition on behalf of the churchwardens and overseers of the poor of the parish of St. Pancras, in the county of Middlesex, setting forth that the duties of their offices had increased so much that they wanted assistants to be appointed in order to enable them to do justice to their situations, &c. Referred to a select committee.—The Chancellor of the Exchequer gave notice, that on Monday he should move, that a committee be appointed to investigate the joint account between Great-Britain and Ireland, as in the last session.—Mr. Hob-house brought up the report of the committee of supply on certain parts of the naval service voted yesterday. The resolutions were read and agreed to.—Mr. Corry brought in the bill for continuing the. restrictson on payment in specie by the bank of Ireland. Read a first time, and ordered to be read a second time on Monday.—The bill for continuing the restriction on cash payments by the bank of England, went through a committee. On the motion of Mr. Vansittart, the blank was filled up with the words, "six months after the ratification of a de-"finitive treaty of peace." The report was ordered to be received on Monday.—The House went into a committee to consider of the propriety of renewing, for a further time, the liberty granted for bonding Portugal wines, which had expired on the l0th of October. Mr. Vansittart, in stating the propriety of extending this indulgence, stated also, that it was thought adviseable to give the benefit of it to Spanish wines. A resolution to this effect was agreed to, and being reported, the committee appointed to bring in the bill for the continuation of expiring laws was ordered to make provision accordingly.—Mr. Vansittart brought in the annual bill for indemnifying magistrates and others who had neglected to take the necessary oaths. The bill was read a first time, and ordered to be read a second time on Monday.—Mr. Corry gave notice, that he would move in the proper stage to introduce a clause into this bill for extending the benefit of the indemnity to Ireland.