HL Deb 20 January 1998 vol 584 cc240-8WA
Lord Bethell

asked Her Majesty's Government:

How much money has been made available from the European Regional Development Fund, in each of the past three years, for each London borough; and whether they will give details of each individual project which has received funds. [HL2]

Baroness Hayman

London has benefited significantly from the European Regional Development Fund over the last three years and will continue to do so until 2001.

The 1994-96 ERDF Objective 2 programme made £45 million in European funds available to regenerate some of the most needy of these areas and has made a significant contribution to developing disused and derelict industrial sites; spreading technological innovation; supporting businesses, cultural industries and job creation initiatives. London is now in its second phase of Objective 2 funding which will make available a further £65 million for the East London and Lee Valley Objective 2 area until the year 2001.

The expenditure has been concentrated in the East London and Lee Valley Objective 2 area, covering specific parts of six London boroughs—Enfield, Hackney, Haringey, Newham, Tower Hamlets and Waltham Forest.

The table below shows European Regional Development Fund grants including Community Initiatives such as Konver and URBAN, awarded to London boroughs for each of the last three calendar years. The information has been compiled according to the location of the grant recipients. A copy of this table will be placed in the Library.

London Borough Authority Name Project title 1995 1996 1997
Brent Create SRB Community Capacity Audit £7,580
LB Brent Urban Support Team Worker £54,750
Community Networks Community Open Learning Centre £40,480
Total £0 £0 £102,810
Ealing LB Ealing Food Hygiene Assistance for SMEs £20,000
LB Ealing Southall Visitor and Tourism Development Programme £159,000
LB Ealing Ealing Tourism Development and Marketing Programme £194,500
Total £0 £20,000 £353,500
Enfield British Waterways Enfield Maintenance Yard £80,000
Enfield Enterprise Agency Start-Up Counselling (Enfield Enterprise Agency) £65,350
LB Enfield South East Enfield Community Enterprise £128,475
LB Enfield Technical Assistance—Keeping it Local £25,000
LB Enfield Lee Valley Product Conformity and Testing Network £332,000
LB Enfield Tottenham Community Pathway Project £60,000
LB Enfield Lee Valley Science Park £2,700,000
LB Enfield Spine Road Eley Estate £1,200,000
LB Enfield Brimsdown Employment Area £335,000
LB Enfield Claverings Industrial Estate £190,000
Middlesex University Ellv Teleregion Network Services. (Reg Chall.) Measure 6. £800,000
Middlesex University Ellv Teleregion-Network Services (Reg Chall.) Measure 1. £115,000
Middlesex University Teaching Company Scheme-Centre for Small Firms £190,000
North London TEC Technical Assistance £12,600
North London TEC Support for New Businesses—Ulv £227,500
University of North London The Lee Valley "Growth Through New Products" Info Brokerage £177,100
Total £558,575 £5,939,450 £140,000
Greenwich LB Greenwich Woolwich Teleservices Centre £192,000
LB Greenwich Business Support Services £152,000
LB Greenwich Business Innovation and Manufacturing Development £105,000
LB Greenwich Royal Arsenal-Riverside Walk £366,000
Royal Artillery Museums Ltd. Royal Artillery Collections Improvement Programme £299,178
Solotec Technology Transfer in Greenwich £190,012
Total £0 £449,000 £855,190
Hackney Aston Comm. Inv Grass Roots Green Shoots Newtaaps £128,646
Bootstrap Enterprises The Print House Access for Community Business £29,865
Central Hackney Computer Hackney Telematics Training £21,844
Cilntec Regeneration Counsellors £119,500
Computer Access Hackney Telematics Infrastructure £184,787
Computer Access East London and Lee Valley Regeneration Network £73,494
Cordwainers Coll. Leather Sector Specialist ",701
Cordwainers Coll. Cordwainers Coll. Leather Industries Support Centre £497,554
Dalston City Part. Dalston City Business Credit Union £15,000
Dalston City Part. Hackney Integrated Finance to Business £375,000
Dalston City Part. Hoxton and Shoreditch Pathway Plan £31,900
Dalston City Part. Hackney Wick Pathway Plan £49,300
East London Advanced Tech. Trng. Hackney Practice Firm Centre £75,936
East London Advanced Tech. Trng. Tower Hamlets and Hackney Practice Firm Centres £25,000
English Part. Development of Bishopsgate Goods Deport £1,750,000
Geffrye Museum Geffrye Design Centre £447,400
Grdwork Hackney Fallen Arches £8,500
Grdwork Hackney Entranceways to London Fields £7,500
Grdwork Hackney Brighter Business £40,000
Hackney Bus. Venture Business Information and Research Service (Birs) £15,575
Hackney Comm. Coll. Support for Advanced Producer Services £82,640
Hackney Comm. Coll. Urban Improvement Environment Project £88,800

London Borough Authority Name Project title 1995 1996 1997
Hackney Comm. Coll. Support and Development of Cultural Music Centres £110,354
Hackney Comm. Coll. Hi-Technology Engineering Centre £300,000
Hackney Comm. Coll. Hackney Comm. Coll. Advanced Telematics and Multi Media £36,000
Hackney Co-op Development Hackney Co-operative Developments Limited £124,400
Hackney Co-op Development Bradbury Street Area Regeneration Project £212,500
Heart of Hackney Haggerston Pathways Plan £78,300
Heart of Hackney Heart of Hackney Pathway Plan £130,500
Hoxton Bibliotech Bibliotech New Media Publishing and Training Centre £120,000
LB Hackney Shoreditch Business and Information Library and Open Learning £102,290
LB Hackney Clapton Park Tenants Training and Enterprise Centre (Ttec) £64,000
LB Hackney Hackney Town Centre Environmental Enhancements £200,000
LB Hackney London Fields Employment Project £1,004,000
LB Hackney Dalston Viaduct £2,000,000
London Guildhall Ellv Teleregion—Shoreditch Multimedia Centre—Measure 6 £100,000
London Guildhall The London Media Foundation £485,000
London Guildhall Ellv Teleregion—Shoreditch Multimedia Centre—Measure 8 £1,870,000
London Guildhall Ellv Teleregional—Shoreditch Multimedia Centre. Measure 1 £115,000
London Video and Film Centre for Independent Film Television and Electronic Media £433,586
Lvstc Aftercare Infrastructure Scheme £61,296
The Circus Space The Circus Space £441,250
Video Engineering and Training Vet Digital Media Training and Support Programme £110,000
Total £2,899,071 £9,000,347 £290,000
Hammersmith & Fulham LB Hammersmith/Fulham Urban Support Package £33,379
LB Hammersmith/Fulham Trial Trading Grant £10,002
Community Networks Information And Networking £55,832
Total £0 £0 £99,573
Haringey Broadwater Community Enterprise Business Seminars and Counselling £4,770
College of NE London Haringey Telematics Project £449,000
College of NE London Video Production Creating & Supporting SME's £10,400
College of NE London Digital Arts Centre £250,000
Community Action Sport Former British Gas Sports Ground £150,000
Finsbury Park Community Trust The Builders Network £37,593
Finsbury Park Community Trust Advanced Producer Services Capacity Building Project £55,479
Haringey E & B Partnership Lee Valley Community Foundation £67,648
LB Haringey Industrial Estates Improvements £500,000
LB Haringey Cycle Parking at Rail Stations £29,500
LB Haringey Seven Sisters Interchange £125,000
LB Haringey Haringey Childcare Information Service £47,437
LB Haringey Tottenham Hale Gateway £300,000
LB Haringey Neighbourhood Opportunity Centre Network £157,500
LB Haringey Neighbourhood Opportunity Centre Network £123,800
Lee Valley FE Consortium Technical Assistance (Ta002) £3,750
Lee Valley FE Consortium Technical Assistance £9,375
LB Hackney Tottenham Hale (Lul) Station Upgrade/Modernisation £1,066,
Middlesex Uni. Lee Valley C'tre for Env. & Occupational Safety for Business £169,700
Middlesex Uni. Lee Valley Technology Transfer Centre £328,000
Middlesex Uni. Telematic Support For SMEs £175,000
Middlesex Uni. Lee Valley Design Management Centre £234,000
North London TEC Tottenham Community Business Initiative £60,000
North London TEC Upper Lee Valley Community Business Initiative £30,000
North London TEC Tottenham Community Business Initiative (li) £30,000
North London TEC Upper Lee Valley Community Business Initiative £30,681
North London TEC Funding for Growth Smes £90,000

London Borough Authority Name Project title 1995 1996 1997
North London TEC Clothing Industry Resource Centre £191,250
North London TEC Access to Finance £122,622
North London TEC Compact £96,650
Tbda Financial Assistance for SMEs £69,040
Tbda Ethnic Minority Business Support Programme £74,300
Tottenham Community Product Advancement and Community Project £30,250
Total £2,794,222 £2,324,523 £0
Hillingdon Business Link Lon. W Supporting Hayes Business (Business Link) £427,008
LB Hillingdon Premises Support for Small Business—"Schoenburg" £205,000
LB Hillingdon Supporting Hayes Businesses £178,639
LB Hillingdon Hillingdon Tourism Development and Marketing Programme £163,500
LB Hillingdon Supporting Hayes Business: Business Improvement Grants £252,500
Total £ £205,000 £1,021,647
Hounslow Business Link Lon. W Developing SMEs In the Logistics Sector of West London £237,939
Business Link Lon. W An Information + Communications Technology Centre for W.London £490,994
Kew Bridge Engines Trust Water For Life Gallery Phases 3 & 4 £151,680
LB of Hounslow West London Interest Free Trading System £147,365
Total £0 £237,939 £790,039
Newham Letec Business Support And Advice £90,000
Letec Micro Business Grants £120,000
Letec Start-Up Counselling £79,000
Newham Coll. Fashion Futures—East London Fashion Industries Design £200,000
Newham Coll. Music Technology Centre £285,000
Newham Coll. Green Street Business Centre—Barclay Hall Project 2 £125,000
Newham Coll. Key Technologies Centre £300,000
Newham Coll. East London Digital Multi Media Innovation Centre £202,000
Newham Coll. Advanced Manufacturing Technology Centre £492,000
Newham Coll. Centre For Access and Employment Development £455,000
LB Newham Three Mills Studio Workshops £480,000
LB Newham Little Ilford Action Plan £16,800
LB Newham Green Street Area Plan £83,000
LB Newham Canning Town £66,000
LB Newham Stratford Rail Lands Regeneration £475,000
LB Newham Stratford £51,450
LB Newham The St. Luke's Project £930,320
LB Newham Canning Town Area Environmental and Transport Improvements £350,000
LB Newham Stratford Regional Station £1,430,000
LB Newham Stratford Station—Subway Extension £170,000
LB Newham Three Mills Bridge—Development Access £300,000
LB Newham Stratford Town Centre Environmental Improvements £500,000
Newham Women's T & E Newtec Multi-Media Centre £50,000
LB Tower Hamlets Bangletown £90,000
LB Tower Hamlets Bethnal Green Urban Village Environmental Improvement Programme £400,000
LB Tower Hamlets Business Premises Improvement Programme £200,000
LB Tower Hamlets East London Film And Video Studio £334,657
Letec Business Assist £142,300
Letec Eurotech Management £66,093
Letec Customer Centric Telebusiness £75,060
Letec Bringing Buyers to Tower Hamlets £90,000
Letec Pilot Mutual Guarantee Society £22,500
Sense of Europe Trust Sense Of Europe Trust Cultural Businesses Production £184,500
Spitalfields Arts Project Spitalfields Arts Project £360,000
Ssba Delivering Change—Support For Micro Business £175,000
Ssba "Making It Work" £112,700
Ssba Partnerships For Jobs—Brick Lane Workshops £99,563
The People's Show Development of St. James The Great Institute £80,000

London Borough Authority Name Project title 1995 1996 1997
The Prince's Youth Trust Helping Unemployed Young People Into Viable Self Employment £123,000
Tower Hamlets Cda Targeted Business Development In Tower Hamlets £253,200
Tower Hamlets Coll. Electronic Network Utility For SMEs £130,000
Tower Hamlets Coll. Pathways to Enterprise and Employment £127,800
Total £2,535,898 £2,070,397 £214,980
Waltham Forest Corporation of Waltham Forest Corporation of Waltham Forest £18.000
Corporation of Waltham Forest Multi Media Development £27,000
Lee Valley Partnership Marketing Strategy East London and the Lee Valley £1.633,000
Orient Regeneration Trust Bridging the Gap £100.000
Waltham Forest Changing Room—Visual Art and Craft Centre £ 142.470
Waltham Forest Centralised Database of Sites And Properties £111,365
Waltham Forest Access Strategy For East London and the Lee Valley £40,000
Waltham Forest Leyton Textile Studio £205,000
Waltham Forest Lea Bridge Road Bus Priority Measures £94.000
Waltham Forest Computer Based Training Programme £66,000
Waltham Forest Support for Cultural Industries £113,810
Waltham Forest Community Based Business Development Programme £96,149
Waltham Forest Lea Bridge Gateway Industrial Area Improvement £407,020
Waltham Forest Waltham Forest Business Centre £700,000
Waltham Forest Micro and Ethnic Minority Business Initiative £212,000
Waltham Forest College Computer Integrated Manufacturing Programme £419,359
Total £957,000 £3,328,173 £100,000
University of East London East London Network for Open Learning Technology and Development £120,000
University of East London Business Development Centre—International Business School £645,000
University of East London Internet Business Expertise Centre £100,000
Total £4,209,000 £3,626,320 £217,250
Tower Hamlets Artsadministration Limited Toynbee Studios £208.024
Bethnal Green Business Development Trust £290,290
Bethnal Green City Flexible Business Service Bureau £200,858
Bridge Project Tower Hamlets Business Grants Programme £328,000
British Waterways East London Canals Ring Improvements £350,000
Bromley by Bow Centre Tower Hamlets East Pathway Plan £65,576
Bromley by Bow Centre Access Route and Facilities for Bromley Recreation Centre £56,000
Central Stepney Srb Central Stepney and Locksley Local Pathway Partnership £55.450
Cityside Regeneration Tower Hamlets West Pathway Plan £78,904
East London Community Training The Community Business Support Project £36.750
Half Moon Young Peoples Theatre Phase Development of Half Moon 43 Whitehorse Road £70,000
Lb of Tower Hamlets Tower Hamlets St. Peter's Pilot £15,050
Westminster Paddington Arts Paddington Arts Development Plan £85,853
Association of London Government Technical Assistance (Ta001) £36.000
Total £0 £36.000 £85,853
Grand Total £13,953,766 £27,237,149 £4,270,842