HC Deb 09 February 1998 vol 306 c19W
Mr. Clifton-Brown

To ask the Attorney-General if he will list each major new computer system that(a)his Department, (b) non-departmental bodies and (c) agencies under his responsibility have purchased in the last five years; what was the initial purchase cost and what was the final cost; what was each system's (i) planned and (ii) actual date of commissioning; what major computer systems will be purchased by bodies in categories (a), (b) and (c) in the next financial year; and what is their estimated cost. [27851]

The Attorney-General

The position in relation to the Departments and other bodies for which I am responsible is as set out. All rely heavily on computers for such matters as word processing, case management and accounts. While equipment and software has been updated and upgraded as necessary this has not, in most cases, amounted to the acquisition of a major new system. The details given concern major new systems.

Crown Prosecution Service For the purposes of this question as it applies to the CPS I have taken a major system to be one costing over £1 million. The installation of the case management system (SCOPE) was concluded in April 1997. The system was installed in 53, rather than the planned 93, branches at a final contractual cost of £10.6 million. The planned date of commissioning was April 1994 and the estimated cost £8 million. Variations between planned and actual costs and dates arose because of new requirements and organisational changes. A replacement finance system was also installed in April 1997 at a cost of £1.7 million. The cost and timing was according to plan. No major new systems (over £1 million) are planned for the year 1998–99.

Serious Fraud Office In January 1998 the Serious Fraud Office awarded a contract for the provision of IT services under the Private Finance Initiative. Future IT systems will be provided under this contract. The cost of the services will depend on usage, but is forecast to be in the region of £800,000 in the financial year 1998–99. Treasury Solicitor's Department (including Government Property Lawyers) and Legal Secretariat to the Law Officers Future IT requirements in these Departments are currently under consideration. The outcome will be known shortly but current expectations are that work on replacement systems will take place in 1998–99 at a total cost in the region of £540,000.