HL Deb 20 March 1997 vol 579 cc113-9WA
Lord Marlesford

asked Her Majesty's Government:

Whether they will list all those road schemes with an estimated cost of over £10 million which are still in the United Kingdom road programme, showing in respect of each the stage reached, the estimated final cost and the estimated completion date.

Viscount Goschen

This information has been compiled from the respective road programmes of the Department of Transport representing trunk roads in England and from the Welsh, Scottish and Northern Ireland Offices for trunk roads in those countries. The information available is in varying formats and appears below.

For trunk roads in England, Table 1 shows those schemes under construction with their tender costs, Table 2 shows DBFOs and Table 3 lists schemes in the main programme. Estimated completion dates will depend upon the availability of funds and the satisfactory completion of statutory procedures.

For trunk roads in Wales, details are shown for those road schemes under construction, programmed or in preparation as published in the Welsh Office's Forward Trunk Road Programme, published in their departmental report for 1996. It does not include those schemes identified for longer term consideration where no resources are being applied at present. Further details of the revised forward programme will be published in the Welsh Office's departmental report for 1997 on 20 March.

Table 1 Schemes under construction
Route Scheme Standard Tender cost £ million
M1/M621 Link Road, Leeds MB D2 15.4
M5 J18–19 Widening, City of Bristol, North West Somerset D4 49.9
M25 J7–8 Widening, Surrey D4 46.0
M25 J8–10 Widening, Surrey D4 93.0
M65 Blackburn Southern Bypass Contract 1, Lancashire D2/D3 66.0
M65 Blackburn Southern Bypass Contract 2, Lancashire D2 80.0
M66 Denton—Middleton Contract 1, Tameside MB, Oldham MB D2/D3/D4 120.00
M66 Denton—Middleton Contract 2, Oldham MB, Manchester MB 49.0
A1(M) Walshford—Dishforth, North Yorkshire D3 53.8
A12 Hackney Wick—M11 Link Contract 1, LB Hackney, Waltham D2/D3 25.3
A12 Hackney Wick—Mil Link Contract 2, Waltham Forest, Newham D3 79.0
A12 Hackney Wick—M11 Link Contract 3, Waltham Forest D2 32.0
A12 Hackney Wick—M11 Link Contract 4, Redbridge, Waltham Forest D2/D3 31.5
A13 Thames Avenue—Wennington, LB Barking and Dagenham D3 71.0
A13 Wennington—Mar Dyke, Essex, Havering MB D3 30.8
A13 West of Heathway—Thames Avenue Imp, LB Barking and Dagenham D3 50.9
A34 Newbury Bypass, Berkshire, Hampshire D2 73.3
A50 Blythe Bridge—Queensway Phase 1, Staffordshire D2/D3 51.5
A50 Blythe Bridge—Queensway Phase 2, Staffordshire D2 21.3
A406 Sliver Street—Fore Street Imp, LB Enfield D2/D3 36.6
A406 East of Falloden Way—Finchley High Road, LB Barnet D3 27.0
A564 Derby Southern Bypass and Derby Spur Contract A, Derbyshire D2/D3 109.5
* Main works tender cost, excluding land, preparation and supervision costs and VAT.

Design, build, finance and operate projects (DBFO) Table 2
DBFO Scheme Title Scope of Project New Construction Schemes Included Standard Estimated Construction Cost (£m) Nov. 95
DBFO contracts awarded
M1–A1 Link Road: Lofthouse-Bramham To provide and operate a dedicated motorway link to connect the M1 and M62 south of Leeds to the A1 south of Wetherby M1–A1 Link Road: Lofthouse—Bramham D2/D3/D4 214.0
M40: J1 to JI5 To upgrade and operate a section of the M40 from J1 at Denham to J15 at Warwick M40 J1A–3 Widening D3/D4 37.1
A1(M): Alconbury—Peterborough To upgrade to motorway standard and operate a section of A1 between Alconbury and Peterborough A1(M) Alconbury—Peterborough D2/D3/D4 128.0
A19: Dishforth—Tyne Tunnel To upgrade and operate a section of the A19/A168 trunk roads between the A1 at Dishforth and the A185 south of the Tyne Tunnel A19 Norton Parkway Interchange Imp D2 29.4
A30/A35: M5 J29—Bere Regis To upgrade and operate a section of the A3O/A35 trunk roads from the M5 at Exeter to the A31/A35 roundabout at Bere Regis A30 Honiton—Exeter Improvement A35 Tolpuddle—Puddletown Bypass S/D2 75.7
A50/A564: Stoke—Derby Link To upgrade and operate a section of the Stoke—Derby Link Road between the B6540 Sawley Crossroads junction and Blythe Bridge near Stoke on Trent A564 Doveridge Bypass D2/D3 20.6
A419/A417: Swindon—Gloucester To upgrade and operate the strategic A419/A417 trunk roads between the M4 near Swindon (J15) and the M5 near Gloucester (J11A) A419/A417 Cirencester and Stratton Bypass A417 North of Stratton—Nettleton Imp A419 Latton Bypass D2 49.0
DBFO projects expected to be awarded during 1997–98 (subject to the satisfactory completion of statutory procedures)
M16 Cumbria—Bradford To upgrade and operate a section of the A590/A65/A629/A650 trunk roads between Newby Bridge and Bradford A590 High and Low Newton S/D2 104.0
A65 Hellifield & Long Preston
A65 Gargrave Bypass
A629 Skipton—Kildwick Imp
A650 Hard Ings Road Imp
A650 Bingley Relief Road
Weald & Downland To upgrade and operate sections of A21, A26, A27 and A259 trunk roads. A21 Tonbridge Bypass—Pembury Bypass Dualling D2/D3 142.0
A21 Lamberhurst Bypass
A27 Polegate Bypass
A259 Pevensey—Bexhill Imp
A259 Bexhill & Hastings
Western Bypass
A259 Hastings Eastern Bypass
South Midlands Network To upgrade and operate a network of sections of A6, A43 and A428 trunk roads in the area between Luton, Banbury, Leicester and the A1 trunk road A6 Clapham Bypass S/D2 116.0
A6 Rushden & Higham
Ferrers Bypass
A6 Rothwell—Desborough
A6 Great Glen Bypass
A43 M40–B4031 Imp
A43 Whitfield Tum—Brackley
Hatch Imp
A43 Silverstone Bypass
A428 Norse Road Link
Further DBFO projects announced for completion
M6 Extension: Carlisle—Scottish Border To extend and operate a section of the M6 between Carlisle and Guardsmill M6 Carlisle—Guardsmill Extension D3 42.3
A13 Thames Gateway To upgrade and operate the A13 trunk road corridor in East London A13 Ironbridge—Canning Town D3 146.0
A13 Movers Lane Junction Imp
A13/A1117 Junction Imp
A13/A112 Prince Regent Lane
Junction Imp
Wessex Link* To upgrade and operate sections of A30, A36, A46 and A303 trunk roads A36 Salisbury Bypass D2 105.0
A303 Wylye—Stockton Wood
A303 Sparkford—llchester
A303 Ilminster Bypass Imp
A36 Codford—Heytesbury Imp
A303 Chicklade Bottom—Mere
A40 To improve and operate a section of the A40 in London A40 Gypsy Corner Imp D2/D3 75.0
A40 Western Circus Junction
* Prequalification will not proceed until a final decision is taken on the A36 Salisbury Bypass.

Trunk road schemes in England over £10 million
Table 3
Latest estimated total cost £ million (November 1995) Next stage
M1 J10–14 Widening 89.6 OP
M1 J21A–23A Widening (phase 1) 30.0 PC
M1 J23A–25 Widening (inc. A6–M1 Link) 120.0 PRA
Ml J25–28 improvement (phase 1 Junction Imp.) 40.0 PRA
M1 J6A–10 Widening 93.0 OM
M11 J14 Imp. 26.0 PC
M11 J8–9 Widening 73.2 PRA
M23 J8–9 Widening 10.00 OP
M25 J12–15 Widening 84.70 OM
M25 J15–16 38.00 OP
M25 J16–19 Widening 70.0 OM
M4 J3–4B Widening 21.4 OM
M4 J4B–8/9 Imp. and Relief Road 120.0 PC
M42 J3A–7 Widening 100.0 PRA
M5 J17–21 Widening stage 1 21.8 OP
M6 J11A–16 Widening 231.6 PRA
M6 J16–19 Widening 133.0 PRA
M62 East/M606 Link Roads 17.5 OM
M62 J12–18 improvement 26.3 PC
M62 J6 Imp. 15.0 OP
M63 J6–9 Widening 70.9 OM
M66 Denton Middleton contract 3 115.00 SOW
A1 Gateshead Western Bypass 39.0 PC
A1033 Hedon Road Imp. 36.6 SOW
A11 Attleborough Bypass 11.3 PC
A11 Fiveways—Thetford Imp. 23.9 PC
A11 Roudham heath—Attleborough Imp. 22.5 SOW
A120 M11—Stansted Slip Roads 10.0 PC
A120 Stansted—Braintree Imp. 79.3 SOW
A14 improvement (M11 J14–M1/A1 Link) 104.9 PC
A1(M) Ferrybridge—Hook Moor 115.0 OM
A1(M) J6–8 Widening 25.0 PC
A1(M) Redhouse—Ferrybridge 58.2 OP
A1(M) Wetherby—Walshford 32.1 SOW
A2 Bean Cobham Widening phase 1 (Bean—tollgate) 41.0 PC
A2 Bean Cobham Widening phase 2 (tollgate—Cobham) 29.0 PC
A2 Lydden—Dover Imp. 19.5 PRA
A205 Catford Town Centre Imp. 11.3 OP
A23 Coulsdon Inner Relief Road 21.8 SOW
A249 Iwade—Queenborough Imp. 86.80 PI
A27 Arundel Bypass 20.1 OP
A27 Southerham—Beddingham improvement 16.80 PRA
A27 Wilmington Bypass 20.70 OP
A2/A282 Dartford Imp. 29.90 OP
A2/M2 Cobham—J4 Widening 168.00 SOW
A3 Hindhead improvement 71.00 OP
A30 Bodmin—Indian Queens Imp. 30.4 PC
A303 Ilminster Marsh improvement 22.60 OM
A303 Winterbourne Stoke Bypass 11.00 PRA
A30/A303 Marsh Honiton and A35 Honiton Eastern BP 38.80 OM
A31—Poole Link Road 53.9 OP
A34 Chieveley/M4 J13 Imp. 26.30 OP
A38 Derby Ring Road A52/A5111 GSJ 17.0 PC
A38 Dobwalls Bypass 10.10 OP
A38 Saltash—Stoketon Cross Imp. 14.5 OP
A406 Bounds Green—Green Lanes Imp. 121.7 OP
A406 Golders Green Road Junction Imp. 26.1 SOW
A406/A1/A598 Regents Park Road Junction Imp. 93.70 SOW
A41 Aston Clinton Bypass 16.70 OM
A428 Caxton common—Hardwick 18.0 PC
A428 Great Barford Bypass 19.2 OP
A43 Geddington Bypass 22.0 OP
A43 Moulton—Broughton Imp. 14.9 OP
A45 Weedon Flore and Upper Heyford BP 33.8 OP
A453 Clifton—M1 Imp. 18.0 OM
A453 Clifton lane improvement. 37.8 OM
A45/A46 Tollbar End Imp. 13.2 PC
A46 Newark—Lincoln Imp. 24.1 OM
A46 Newark—Widmerpool Imp. 60.3 OP
A47 Thorney Bypass 12.40 OP
A49 Hereford Bypass 39.6 OP
Trunk road schemes in England over £10 million
Table 3
Latest estimated total cost £ million (November 1995) Next stage
A5 Dunstable Eastern Bypass 35.0 PRA
A500 Basford—Hough—Shavington Bypass 21.2 SOW
A500 City road—Stoke Road Junctions Imps. 19.2 OP
A5117 M56—A550 Imp. 14.2 PC
A550 Deeside park—A5117 13.0 OP
A555/A523 Poynton Bypass 45.0 OP
A556(M) M6—M56 Imp. 80.7 OM
A564 Derby southern Bypass contract B 11.5 SOW
A564 Derby southern Bypass contract C: Derby Spur 10.50 OP
A570 Ormskirk Bypass 24.9 OP
A57/A628 Mottram—Tintwistle Bypass 23.7 OP
A595 Parton—Lillyhall Imp. 11.1 OP
A63 Castle Street Hull Imp. 19.7 OP
A63 Selby Bypass 22.5 OM
A66 Temple Sowerby Bypass and Imp. at Winderwath 13.0 OP
A6(M) Stockport North/South Bypass 112.5 OP
A6(M)—M56 Manchester Airport Link West 38.2 OP
London primary route signing 12.9 SOW
Poole harbour crossing 32.6 OP


Tables exclude privately financed, DBFO and developer funded schemes.

PC—public consultation.

PRA—preferred route announcement.

OP—order publication.

PI—public inquiry.

OM—orders made (includes decision stage on schemes not requiring orders).

SOW—start of works.

Trunk road schemes in Wales over £10m
Schemes currently under construction Tender cost £ million
M4 Second Severn Crossing Welsh Approach Roads 42
A5 Glyn Bends 10
A40 Whitland Bypass 10
A465 Aberdulais—Glynneath 78
A470 Pentrebach—Cefn Coed 59
A550 Deeside Park Interchange 11
A4042 Llantarnam Bypass 18
Schemes in preparation Latest Estimated Cost £ million (November 1995)
A40 Carmarthen Eastern Bypass 36
A458 Buttington—Middletown 19
A465 Abergavenny—Hirwaun 178
A470 Lledr Valley: Stage 2 (Dolwyddelan—Pont yr Afanc) 10
A470 Pontypridd—Cardiff 50
A477 Sageston—Redberth Bypass 10
A483 Landeilo Eastern Bypass 13
A487 Llannwnda—South of Llanllyfni 14
A487 Porthmadog/Minffordd/Tremadog Bypass 12
A494 Drome Corner—Ewloe Interchange 22
A494/A550 Deeside Park—Drome Corner 14
A55 Ewloe—Northop Widening 11
A55 Llanfair PG—West of Bryngwran 77
A55 West of Bryngwran—Holyhead 55
A55/A494 Ewloe Interchange 30
M4 Castleton—Coryton Widening 39
M4 Relief Road (Major—Castleton 336

Trunk road schemes in Northern Ireland over £10 million
Scheme Stage reached Latest estimated cost £ million Estimated completion date
Westlink-Motorways Programme Entry 27.2 2001
Scheme Stage Reached Latest Estimated Cost £ million (November 1996 Estimated Completion Date
A75 The Glen Improvement Pre Tender 10 Open to traffic September 1999
A1 Haddington-Dunbar Public Local Inquiry completed 37 Dependent on completion of statutory procedures and availability of resources Start scheduled in 3 year PES period
M77 Floak-Fenwick Orders to be made 32 As above
M6 DBFO Tenders awarded Scottish Section 130 Open to traffic End 1999
English Section 60 Dependent on completion of statutory procedures
M8 DBFO At Tender 154.3 Open to traffic by 2002
M80 DBFO Draft Orders to be published 150 Dependent on completion of statutory procedures