HC Deb 17 October 1994 vol 248 cc163-4W
Dr. Lynne Jones

To ask the President of the Board of Trade what has been the value of British investment overseas over the past 15 years; and what has been the value of inward investment into the United Kingdom over the same period.

Mr. Eggar

The figures refer to flows of direct investment into, and out of, the United Kingdom. This information is for the years 1978 to 1992, the latest available. Data for total cross-border investment transactions are available from the publication "The Pink Book—United Kingdom Balance of Payments", CSO, 1990 and 1994.

Year 1Flows of inward direct net investment to United Kingdom £ million 1Flows of outward direct net investment from United Kingdom £ million
1978 1,261 2,710
1979 1,740 3,035
1980 2,541 3,391
1981 980 4,671
1982 1,137 2,122
1983 2,063 3,498
1984 2,3–246 5,813
1985 4,416 8,625
1986 5,645 11,798
1987 8,986 19,159
1988 11,562 20,915
1989 17,405 21,491
1990 17,155 10,108
1991 8,418 9,304
1992 9,231 10,139


1 Direct investment refers to investment that adds to, or deducts from or acquires, a lasting interest in an enterprise operating in an economy other than that of the investor, the investor's purpose being to have an effective voice in the management of the enterprise (taken here to be equivalent to a 20 per cent. holding or more in the foreign enterprise). Direct net investment is net of disinvestment and includes unremitted profits.

Other investments in which the investor does not have an effective voice in the management of the enterprise are mainly portfolio investments and these are not covered here. Cross-border investment in property (which is regarded as direct investment in national accounts) is not covered here, but is shown in the balance of payments.

2 Prior to 1984 transactions of oil companies were excluded.

3 A minus sign indicates net disinvestment (ie decrease in amount due to overseas countries)


CSO Business Monitor MA4 Overseas Transactions, 1987 and 1992.

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