HC Deb 14 June 1994 vol 244 cc364-5W
Mr. Milburn

To ask the Secretary of State for Social Security how many job offers were reported by staff in his Department under the requirements of the rules on the acceptance of outside appointments in each of the last 10 years by(a) staff of grade 3 and above, (b) staff below grade 3, (c) staff in sections concerned with procurement or contract work, under section 15 of the rules of 1 February 1993 and (d) staff in other sections, under section 14; and how many of these reports were followed by an application to join the company concerned.

Mr. Hague

Prior to 1985 civil servants were not required to report any job offers from an outside employer. Since then, this Department has required staff below grade 3, whether in procurement or contract work or not, to report any such approaches to a senior manager at least two grades above. Staff grade 3 or above are required to report any such offers to either the head of department or the Minister. Records of these reports are not kept.

Records relate to staff who have made an application to take up an outside business appointment. They do not distinguish between types of outside appointment or specify whether the application was followed up or not.

Some 78 applications were received for the period 1984–94 as shown in the table.

Year Grade 3/above Below grade 3 Total applications
11984 1 8 9
11985 8 15 23
11986 15 15
11987 1 7 8
1988 10 10
1989 1 6 1
1990 3 3
1991 2 2
1992 0
1993 0
1994 1 1
1 figures relate to the Department of Health and Social Security.