HC Deb 04 February 1994 vol 236 cc931-2W
Mrs. Lait

To ask the Secretary of State for Education what changes he plans to announce to cash limits and running costs limits on votes within his responsibility for 1993–94.

Mr. Patten

Subject to parliamentary approval of the related supplementary estimates, the cash limits for class X, vote 1, schools, research and miscellaneous services; vote 2, higher and further education; vote 4, administra-tion; and vote 6, office of Her Majesty's chief inspector of schools in England, will be amended. The changes are as follows:

Class and Vote Current cash limit £ Change £ Revised cash limit £
X.1 741,282,000 -32,300,000 708,982,000
X.2 5,404,831.000 +1,006,000 5,405,837,000
X.4 94,301,000 +47,000 94,348,000
X.6 48,819,000 -1,266,000 47,533,000

The reduction to the cash limit on class X, vote 1 includes a reduction of £18,500,000 as a contribution towards offsetting the increase of £155 million sought via a supplementary estimate for class X, vote 3, student awards, loans and compensation payments, which is not cash limited; a reduction of £13,000,000 to offset wholly payments to universities and colleges of further education in respect of grants from the European regional development fund towards capital projects; and a transfer of £800,000 to class X, vote 2 to increase provision in respect of bursaries for the training of teachers in shortage subjects.

The net increase of £1,006,000 on class X, vote 2 takes account of an increase of £1,306,000 in gross provision for grant in aid to the Higher Education Funding Council for England, offset by a transfer of £828,000 from the Home Office for the costs of students sponsored to attend extended and upgraded courses in social work in universities, less a transfer of £622,000 to class X, vote 3 to increase provision for student loans associated with these courses; and the appropriation in aid of receipts of £1,100,000 from proceeds of sale of redundant properties at the Royal College of Art. The remainder of the vote 2 increase is offset by the transfer of £800,000 from class X, vote 1.

The increase on class X, vote 4 is the net result of a transfer of £127,000 from Property Holdings in respect of buildings maintenance and an increase of £80,000 in receipts of payments arising from services supplied by the Teachers Pensions Agency which are to be appropriated in aid of the vote. The running costs limit has been increased by £127,000 from £90,323,000 to £90,450,000.

The decrease on class X, vote 6 is the net result of a reduction of £1,300,000 in forecast outturn on programme and a transfer of £34,000 from Property Holdings in respect of buildings maintenance. The running costs limit has been decreased by £29,000 from £31,960,000 to £31,931,000. This is the net effect of the transfer from Property Holdings and a transfer of £63,000 for non-running costs provision in the same vote.

The increases on class X, votes 2 and 4 are wholly offset elsewhere and will not therefore add to the planned total for public expenditure.