HC Deb 31 March 1993 vol 222 cc280-1W

Grants were made to various organisations on an individual basis for projects which contribute towards innovation in housing management.

Organisation Grant Offered £
Association of Community Technical Aid Centres (13 Training events and I conference for tenants and professionals) 24,398
Toby Graves (Salary for housing post graduate trainee) 2,600
Aldbourne Associates (Review to establish a general picture of current practice in education and training in social housing) 37,876
Specialist Information Training Resource Agency (Specialist needs housing training for NVQs) 39,857
Federation of Black Housing Organisations (Raise awareness of and provide information on NVQs via written materials, presentations, advice and guidance) 26,442
Safe Neighbourhoods Unit (Development of crime prevention modules and production of video) 27,000
Tower Blocks Directory (Helps management of tower blocks through best practice information) 11,142
West Midlands Special Needs Consortium (Set up and run management development programme arid development NVQs) 20,483
Northern Consortium of Housing Authorities (Development of low cost training and conference programme, leading to the production of a training package) 24,536
Total 214,334