HC Deb 12 March 1993 vol 220 c739W
Mr. Hoyle

To ask the Secretary of State for Employment if the Commissioner for the Rights of Trade Union Members can act on behalf of full-time trade union officers as well as members of trade unions; and whether officers are included in the scope of the commission.

Women Employees and Self-employed in Main occupations most directly related to Information Technology

Great Britain (Thousands—not seasonally adjusted)

Occupation2 3 All industry sectors Public Administration (SIC 91)4
Number Percentage of


Number Percentage of


Computer systems and data

processing managers

14 13 1
Computer analyst/programmers 36 19 1
Computer operators, data

processing operators etc.

115 66 12 58
Total 174 29 16 34
1 Under 10,000 and therefore not shown.
2 It is not possible to separately identify and exclude word processor operators.
3 Other people who do some work with computers eg "filing, computer and other records clerks" have not been included.
4 SIC 91 includes public administration, national defence, police, fire services and justice.

Note: Comparable information for each industry could only be provided at disproportionate cost, but is available via the Quantime LFS Service in the House of Commons Library.