HC Deb 18 June 1993 vol 226 cc749-50W
Ms Mowlam

To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department if he will list all the market tests that have taken place in his Department since November 1992 and indicate, in each case, whether the result was the maintenance of in-house provision, or whether the service was contracted out.

Mr. Charles Wardle

The Home Office functions which have been subject to market testing or contracting out since November 1992 is listed showing, in cases where the exercise has been completed, whether the result was the maintenance of in-house provision or whether the service was contracted out. The table also shows those market tests which have been discontinued. Except where an outcome is indicated, work is continuing.

Non-prison market testing

  • Hendon Data Centre
  • Forensic Science Service Estate Management
  • Internal Audit
  • Accountancy Advice
  • Passport Agency Records Office—discontinued
  • Design and Illustration Branch
  • Home Office Stationery Supplies
  • Computing Services (ED5)
  • Headquarters Catering Services
  • IND Catering Services
  • Library Service—discontinued
  • Central Training Branch
  • Typing Services
  • Record Management Services
  • Reprographic Services
  • Office Facilities Management (ED1)
  • Personnel Management Division Recruitment
  • Immigration Service Recruitment (IND PMU)
  • IND Statistics Security-Guard Service

Non-prison contracting out

  • Forensic Science Service Waste Disposal—contracted out
  • Passport Agency Stationery Supplies
  • Passport Agency Production of Blank Passports1


  • Directorate of Works Headquarters Training
  • Dog Service
  • Prison Service College Facilities Management
  • Registries and Post Rooms
  • Prison Service Information Technology Group
  • Fleet Management
  • Superannuation Administration
  • Canteens (Prisoners' shops)
  • Warehouse and Distribution—retained in-house
  • Manchester Prison

Prison: contracting-out

  • Education2
  • Court Escorts—contracted out
  • Blakenhurst Prison—contracted out
  • 1 Contract awarded to HMSO.
  • 2Just over half has been completed.