HC Deb 01 December 1993 vol 233 cc634-5W
Mr. McMaster

To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland what is the procedure for the appointment of a lord lieutenant of Renfrewshire to replace the retiring incumbent; if he will publish a table showing the name, occupation and date of appointment of(a) the vice-lord lieutenant and (b) each deputy lord lieutenants of (i) Glasgow and (ii) Renfrewshire; how nominations can be made for these positions; and if he will make a statement.

Lord James Douglas-Hamilton

Lord lieutenants in Scotland are appointed by Her Majesty under section 131 of the Reserve Forces Act 1980. Deputy lieutenants are appointed by the lord lieutenant under section 133 of that Act, which includes the requirement that the lord lieutenant must ascertain that Her Majesty does not disapprove of the proposed appointment. Under section 135 of that Act, each lord lieutenant may, with Her Majesty's approbation, appoint a deputy lieutenant or a lieutenant as vice-lord lieutenant. Current information about the occupations of vice-lords lieutenant and lords-lieutenant is not held centrally. The other information requested by the hon. Gentleman is as follows:

Name Date of appointment
Vice-Lord Lieutenant
Colonel Sir Houston Shaw-Stewart of Greenock and Blackhall, Bt, MC TD 11 November 1980
Deputy Lieutenants
Lieutenant-Colonel A. Leonard Aitkenhead, MBE TD 13 February 1962
Major David A. Kerr, MC TD 13 February 1962
Sir William J. Lithgow, Bt, of Ormsary 31 May 1970
Major John G. Stewart, TD 31 May 1970
Sir Eric Yarrow, Bt, MBE 31 May 1970
Sir Ian Denholm, CBE 20 October 1980
George G. MacMillan of MacMillan and Knap 15 September 1983
Name Date of appointment
Alan R. Devereux, Esq., CBE 31 May 1985
The Right Hon. The Lord Goold 31 May 1985
The Right Hon. The Lord Maclay 29 July 1986
Commander Henry C. Abram, VRD OStJ 7 October 1987
Brigadier John Brown, OBE MM TD 7 October 1987
Guy W. N. H. Clark, Esq. 7 October 1987
Captain William H. Hunter, CBE 7 October 1987
Mrs. Helen M. Laird, OBE 7 October 1987
Wing Commander C. Hector MacLean, AE 7 October 1987
James R. Minto, Esq., OBE 7 October 1987
Sir Simpson Stevenson, LLD 14 May 1990
Mrs. Margaret J. Baird 20 July 1993
Colonel Archibald D. Bremner 20 July 1993
Miss Annabel M. Goldie 20 July 1993
Archibald L. Morton, Esq. 20 July 1993
Cameron H. Parker, Esq., OBE 20 July 1993
Name Date of appointment
Vice-Lord Lieutenant
Robert Gray, Esq., CBE OStJ LLD 15 July 1992
Deputy Lieutenants
Group Captain Marcus Robinson, CB AFC AE 1955
Lieutenant-Colonel Leonard E. Dickson, CBE MC TD 3 May 1963
Colonel A. Walker Naddell, ERD KStJ 3 May 1963
Sir Samuel Curran, LLD FRS 30 June 1969
William L. Smith, Esq., MC TD 30 June 1969
Peter M. Gemmill Esq. 31 August 1971
Air Vice-Marshal Alexander V. R. Johnstone, CB DFC 31 August 1971
Captain John Mallard, MBE VRD 31 August 1971
Colonel A. T. Wilson, VRD 31 August 1971
Lord Wallace of Campsie, KStJ 31 August 1971
Colonel Lachlan Robertson, OBE TD 15 May 1975
Sir William Gray, LLD 1 July 1975
Peter T. McCann, Esq., OStJ 26 December 1977
Miss Agnes M. Patrick 7 November 1979
John K. Richmond, Esq. 7 November 1979
Mrs. Jean A. McFadden, CBE 2 July 1980
Gerald McGrath Esq. 30 April 1980
John H. Young, Esq., OBE 21 September 1981
Bashir A. Maan, Esq. 7 December 1982
Dr. Michael Kelly, CBE OSt1 LLD 26 June 1984
James Mullen, Esq. 9 July 1985
Philip O'Rourke, Esq. 9 July 1985
lain J. A. Dyer, Esq., MBE 4 November 1987
Patrick Lally, Esq. 4 November 1987
William Aitken, Esq. 26 May 1992
Mrs. Susan Baird, CBE OSt1 15 July 1992