HC Deb 05 June 1991 vol 192 cc240-6W
Mr. McAllion

To ask the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry what was the total amount spent by his Department in the 1990–91 financial year on management and computer consultancy contracts, excluding hardware and software purchases; and if he will list each management or computer consultancy contract awarded by his Department in 1990–91, giving in each case the name of the consultancy firm, the subject of the assignment and, if appropriate, the executive agency for whom the contract was carried out.

Mr. Leigh

My Department's expenditure on consultants engaged in the financial year 1990–91 is estimated to be £5,576,000 of which £3,492,000 is for consultancy contracts excluding hardware and software purchases. These figures do not include expenditure by DTI executive agencies, information on which is not held centrally. The chief executives of the agencies have been asked to reply direct to the hon. Gentleman with the relevant information. Copies of their answers will be placed in the House of Commons Library. The following lists the management or computer consultancy contracts awarded for the financial year 1990–91:

Firm Subject of Assignment
A T and T Islet Ltd Inside UK Enterprise
Derwent Business Systems Aircraft engines emissions study
General technology systems limited Support to BNSC limited
Communications Studies and Planning Limited BNSC directory of UK space capabilities '91
Business Briefings Limited Electronic component seminar
Touche Ross Support DTI in international environmental negotiations study
PA Consulting Group Study of washing machines: Drafting spec for ECO labelling
Children's Research Unit Children and Fireworks research
Association for Consumer research Survey on trader awareness of misleading prices regime
CIMTECH Companies House imaging project
Price Waterhouse Development of Companies House's commercial accounting systems
NERA Enquiry into standards of cross media promotion
Coopers and Lybrand Deloittes Local Government regulation of business
Coopers and Lybrand Deloittes Revision of managing into the 90s newsletter
Text Matters Managing into the 90s: Recasting of purchasing and supply booklets
PA Consulting Successful Purchaser/Suppliers relationships studies portfolio
Segal Quince Wickstead Integrated graduate degree pilot study
BHRA New approach study collaborative technology
ACWI Woodworking machinery manufacturing industry
Coopers and Lybrand Deloitte Financial viability of the management charter initiative
Peat Marwick McLintock Engineering and technology programme pilot study
Eadie Baxter Evaluation of DTI support on aeroengine noise reduction research

Grant Thornton Evaluation of outward mission and overseas seminar scheme
Segal Quince and Wickstead Single market campaign: interim evaluation
Oxford Economic Forecasting Estimating import equations for the IMS model
Oxford Economic Research Associates Limited Sub-contracting study
Segal Quince Wickstead Regional enterprise grants evaluation
St. John's Innovation Centre Ltd. Managing into the 90s programme evaluation
Aspects International Waste prevention demonstration chart
London Business School Large trade publication consultancy study
Tillinghast Implementation of business review and information
Ernst and Young Training needs analysis for insurance division
P-E International Consultant for data communications network audit
Dataquest Europe Limited Electronics components—market structure
Ernst and Young Electronics components purchasing policies
Ernst and Young Yorkshire and Humberside Development Association
Alan Fox Project Development Consultancy support to local organisations (St. Mary's)
Alan Fox Project Development Consultancy support to local organisations (Weavers)
Alan Fox Project Development Consultancy support to local organisations (Oxford house)
Compass Partnership Consultancy support to local organisations (St. Hilda's)
Compass Partnership Consultancy support to local organisations (Byl)
MBM Consulting Consultancy support to local organisations (Language Line)
Community Economy Consultancy support to local organisations (Bridge project)
Community Economy Consultancy support to local organisations (East London Small Business Centre)
D. Howard Green and Associates Task force supply of business development finance study
Manchester Polytechnic Centre for Employment Research Skill and labour market survey
Ernst and Young Business director for Yorkshire and Humberside
Ernst and Young Development Association Investment in the UK market survey 1990–91
Coopers and Lybrand Deloittes Research into knock-on effects of inward investment
Peat Marwick McLintock Monitoring Cornish tin mines carnon
Peat Marwick McLintock English unit—future watch
Pieda England fact file
KMPG Peat Marwick McLintock Perception of England
Graham Bannock and Partners Small firms affected by the single market
Price Waterhouse Introduction of a quality system to meet BS5750
IFS (Conferences) Ltd. Inside United Kingdom enterprise
Welding Institute Eureka awareness in adhesive field
Hay Management Consultants Communications audit within the insolvency service
Coopers and Lybrand Deloittee Efficiency/effectiveness of proposed accounting systems
Tillinghast Insurance division IT strategy study

National Computing Centre (NCC) Key international OSI standards
Data Dictionary Systems Limited International standards for data dictionaries
J. Westgate (Consultants) Limited Development of management standards
SEMA Group UK Limited OSI upper layer standards development
Chris Makemson Consultants Limited Development of virtual terminal standards
SEMA Group plc OSI management standards development
T. William Associates Limited Reference model of data management
Medical Technology Consultants Europe Limited United Kingdom testing and certification requirements for medical devices
PSC International Limited Production of practical and technical guides
Security and Standards Consultancy Limited EDI messaging security standards
STC Technology 20th European solid state research—ESSDERC '90
P-Four Consultancy Ltd. Open systems technology transfer module (OSTT)
Architecture Projects Management (APM) Ltd ODP workshops and publications
British Informatics Society Ltd Tickit recommendations: Advice and assistance
Eosys Ltd OSI Implementor group secretariat work
National Computing Centre Appraisal and monitoring of eureka project
National Computing Centre Open systems standards development and support programmes
I William Olle Associates Administration of data base standards
Technology Appraisals Ltd Open systems wall chart: Production and distribution
Technology Appraisals Ltd Production of OSI products
SD-Scicon UK Limited Expert systems case studies and guidelines programme
Reynolds and Johnson Limited OSTT case studies/case analyses
Mackintosh Generics Limited Eureka feasibility study on flat panel displays
Michael Shortland Associates Microelectronic devices: Major markets and products
KPMG Peat Marwick Mclintock Open distributed processing
BIS Mackintosh Limited Customised version of European GAAS capability study
Michael Shortland Associates HCI awareness programme: Programme launch
Systems Concepts HCI programme: Reference booklets standards
Design Council HCI programme: Reference booklets—consultants
R M Consulting HCI programme: Writing of reference booklets—tools
Logica Space and Defence Systems Limited Evaluation training course at NPL
DNA Consultancy Services Advanced sensors technology programme evaluation
Rutherford Appleton laboratory High performance interfaces/protocols
P-Four HCI programme: Case studies
KPMG Peat Marwick Mclintock Developing brochure material
Logica Limited Eureka collaborative R and D meeting: Paris
SEMA Group Systems Limited Network support for industrial researchers
AEA Industrial Technology Network management standards development
Touche Ross Speech and natural language consultancy
BIS Mackintosh Limited The technical and commer companies

Michael Shortland Associates HCI awareness programme: All flyer and information pack
ADA Language UK Limited Contribution to ADA conference '90
St. John's Innovation Centre OSTT: Monitoring and evaluation
Grant Thornton Working out a computer strategy
Eosys Limited OSI Implementor groups secretariat
British Telecom Assessment of AERE standards work for OSI management
Reigate manual writers Eureka project EU130 consultancy study
Salford Software Services OSI directory services
Dataquest Europe Limited Publication of the Electronics components study
Dataquest Europe Limited Analyses of the electronic components database
Tallis Consultancy Telecommunications study
Coopers and Lybrand Deloitte Internal scrutiny of FBP: Survey of chambers of commerce trade association etc.
Coopers and Lybrand Deloitte Information system strategy study for ITD
Metron Technology Plexus (X2S/Oslan) training/evaluation
BIS Applied Systems Regional offices information strategy study
Julia Schofield Consultants Limited Evaluation of voice activated technology
Electronic Facilities Design Regional offices information systems strategy study
Computer Sciences Company SAMIS requirement review
BIS Applied Systems Office systems strategy study
EOSYS Limited Network consultancy for Kingsgate House
Task Force Pro Libra Classification of revised skills and services
Quo-Tec Limited Materials Technology in the United Kingdom (Eureka promotion)
Welding Institute Surface engineering United Kingdom/Finland
Intelligent Applications Limited Advance tech/support of maintenance for machine tools
P-E International Information systems strategy study for manufacturing technology (MT) division
W S Atkins Eureka: Energy efficiency in electrical machines
Quo-Tec Ltd. Link programme: high temperature-high performance materials
Quatex-consultancy UK participants of a Eureka Anglo-Spanish event
ISVR Consultancy Services Study on new EC noise directives
British Textile Technology Group Critique of garment colouration study
BMT Defence Services Limited Christchurch Bay tower maintenance
Advanced Robotics Research Limited Advanced robotics safety seminar
Optimat Limited Materials technology audit in Scotland
Douglas Westwood Associates DTI-Department of Energy study: R and D in subsea electronics
PERA Overseas practice in the coordination of advanced manufacturing technology
IT Focus Monograph on the export CIM-OSA
Metra Martech Limited New products study MT division
Association of Chamber of Commerce Study on setting up Chambernet

Leeds University Industrial Services Ltd. Manufacturing message service users guide
P-E International Manufacturing intelligence programme information
Strategic Projects Group SPG matrix modelling process to UK textile machinery
Manchester University Prest Microwave aspects of new NMS programme for electrical science
Scientific Generics Limited Study the validity of analytical measurement
PERA AMT implementations study
La Creative Literature and panels for ceramic industry seminar
Promotor International Cermaics industry seminar telecheck mailing
Promotor International Ceramics industry seminar planning/operation
AT and T Istel Industry Systems Market assessment on open systems in manufacturing
Crown Business Communications Strategy roadshow launch
Meeting Deadlines Limited Improving the maintenance of machine tools
ERA Technology Materials opportunity review
Robert Keown Associates Surface engineering in manufacturing industry
BMT Defence Services Limited Christchurch Bay Tower disposal
ERA Technology Traceable calibrations—electromagnetic compatability directive
Scientific Generics Limited The NMS for length
Segal Quince Wicksteed Limited Performance of north west manufacturing industry
City and Corporate Counsel Limited Opportunity Japan Campaign: Phase 3 survey
KPMG Peat Marwick McLintock Overseas trade information systems study (OTISS)
Palmlave Limited Provide training in the use of botis systems and export data branch
Commercial Transfer Limited Removal of patent office stationery store to Wales
Almondhall IT project planner
Business Focus Market analysis survey—pats
Price Waterhouse Accountancy consultancy for the patent office
Transmark Worldwide Solid state interlocking railway signalling system study
Ralph H. Pickering Associates Supplement skill resources of PEP4C
Seagull Safety Limited Market targetting consultancy
Glyced Project Management Limited Hong Kong port/airport development scheme (PADS)
W S Atkins International Land reclamation feasibility study—Moscow
Industrial Training Services Limited Training and development review within DTI
Industrial Training Services Limited Review of training at NEL
Industrial Training Services Limited Competent approach to performance
Northern Race Training Unit Equal opportunities training
British Telecom International Marine radio equipment
Logica Satcos ADP software maintenance
Smith Associates Limited Modelling of very large antennas phase 1
Radio Frequency Investigation Limited IDMA transmission structures interfering potential
Roke Manor Research Mobile system evaluation development project
British Aerospace (Space Systems) Satellite HDTV at 25 GHZ study
Satconsult Limited Satellite on board processing study
Regis Systems Limited Slightly inclined GEO stationary orbits (SIGO)

Microwave and Antenna Systems Harmonic performance of citizen's band antennas
Satconsult Limited Spectral efficency of code division multiple access techniques
Regis Systems Limited Very small aperture antennas Phase II study
Regis Systems Limited Inter-satellite links study
PA Consulting Group Visiting engineers scheme
Water Research Centre Environment innovation programme
Institute of Manpower Studies Career patterns and progress of former teaching company associates
Segal Quince Wicksteed Link review and analysis of procedures
Leadenhall Associates EUREKA—Famos workshops in Portugal and Norway
Robert Keown Associates Surface engineering assignment
Manchester University Prest Advertisements as indicators
David Rigby Associates Garment colouration and consumer choice
Intermatrix Limited Signposting Japanese technology
Knowledge Research DTI working party on the film industry
National Computing Centre Limited Fintech consultancy 25 June 1990

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