HC Deb 23 January 1991 vol 184 cc190-1W

Statutory Instruments (all subject to the negative resolution procedure) to be laid by 31 March 1991.

The Community Charge

  1. 1. Introduction of community charge reduction scheme.
  2. 2. Form of the community charge bill and content of rate demand notice for 1991–92.
  3. 3. Content of community charge bill and of rate demand notice for the City of London for 1991–92.
  4. 4. Miscellaneous administrative matters—billing on change of address, attachment of earnings orders, costs of summonses, notification of entry.
  5. 5. Revised rules for calculation of relevant population.
  6. 6. Amendment to increase the amounts of financial loss and travel and subsistence allowance payable to VCCT members.


  1. 1. Miscellaneous amendments to the Collection and Enforcement (Local Lists) Regulations.
  2. 2. Miscellaneous amendments to the Collection and Enforcement (Central Lists) Regulations.
  3. 3. Amendments of the domestic/non-domestic boundary in respect of bed-and-breakfast accommodation.
  4. 4. Valuation of non-domestic property in former enterprise zones.
  5. 5. City of London minimum and maximum rating multipliers for 1991–92.
  6. 6. Amendments to regulations on valuation of caravan sites consequent on Caravans (Standard Community Charge and Rating) Bill.
  7. 7. Amendment of regulations on payment of interest to provide for cases where successive payments are made in respect of the same period.
  8. 8. Closedown of precept and rate rules under old rating system.
  9. 9. Further consequential amendments and repeals.
  10. 10. Regulations on definition of hereditament used for electricity generation.

Capital Finance

  1. 1. Regulations to set rate of discount used in calculating the cost of credit arrangements.
  2. 2. Miscellaneous amendments to the capital finance regulations.
  3. 3. Regulations to apply the new system, with modifications, to the Lea Vally regional park authority.
  4. 4. Regulations to enable local authorities to issue sterling commercial paper and medium-term notes.
  5. 5. Regulations to apply to new system to parish and community councils.
  6. 6. Miscellaneous amendments to the list of approved investments.
  7. 7. Regulations to apply part VII of the Local Government Finance Act 1988 to the City of London and the South Yorkshire and London pension authorities.
  8. 8. Consequential amendments and repeals.

Order subject to positive resolution to be laid by 31 March 1991.


  1. 1. Technical amendments to Electricity Supply Industry (Rateable Values) Order 1989 and Electricity Generators (Rateable Values) Order 1989.

Mr. Redmond

To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment if he will list for the Doncaster local authority area(a) the number of individuals who are liable to pay the personal community charge, (b) the number of people who are liable to pay the standard community charge and (c) the number of premises liable for the uniform business rate.

Mr. Key

The information reported by the local authority is as follows.

  1. (a) By 31 December 1990, a total of 224,102 people were liable to make a payment in respect of a personal community charge.
  2. (b) There were 3,232 properties liable to a standard community charge on 1 June 1990, excluding those with a multiplier of zero.

No information is available on the number of premises liable for the uniform business rate. There were 7,086 hereditaments on the authority's rating list on 31 December 1990.