HC Deb 23 October 1990 vol 178 cc169-71W
Mr. David Marshall

To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland if he will appoint a member of the Glasgow east end strategy group to the Greater Glasgow health board as it is constituted now or will be after April 1991.

Mr. Michael Forsyth

Members of health boards are not appointed as representatives of particular organisations or sections of the community but for the personal contribution which they can make to their board's work.

Mr. David Marshall

To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland what is his estimate of the number of houses in the east end of Glasgow which are below minimum required standards.

Lord James Douglas-Hamilton

The minimum required standards are set out in the tolerable standard for housing in section 86 of the Housing (Scotland) Act 1987.

Each local authority provides the Scottish Development Department with annual estimates of the number of houses in its district as a whole which are below the tolerable standard. However, information is not provided for particular areas within those districts.

Mr. David Marshall

To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland what efforts his Department is currently making to attract and create jobs in the east end of Glasgow.

Mr. Lang

Locate in Scotland actively pursues the attraction of inward investment for Scotland as a whole, including the east end of Glasgow.

However, jobs are created by market forces not by Governments. The Government, through the Scottish Development Agency, continue to support the East End Executive, which provides a range of services, including business advice and training, with the aim of stimulating and protecting employment in the area.

Mr. David Marshall

To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland how much money has been spent in the east end of Glasgow by(a) the Scottish Development Agency, (b) Greater Glasgow health board, (c) the Scottish Special Housing Association, (d) the Housing Corporation, (e) Scottish Homes and (f) the MSC since the ending of the GEAR project in March 1987.

Mr. Lang

The information relating to Greater Glasgow health board and the MSC is not available and could be produced only at disproportionate cost.

The expenditure figures for the remaining organisations are as follows:

£ millions
Scottish Development Agency (1 April 1987–31 March 1990) 6.7
Scottish Special Housing Association (1 April 1987–31 March 1989) 4.5
Housing Corporation in Scotland (1 April 1987–31 March 1989) 10.9
Scottish Homes (1 April 1989–31 March 1990) 10.75
(1 April 1990–31 March 19911) 12.7
1 Estimated.

Mr. David Marshall

To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland what was the total amount of Government money spent in the east end of Glasgow during the lifetime of the GEAR project and since then.

Mr. Lang

The information requested is not available and could be provided only at disproportionate cost.

Mr. David Marshall

To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland if he will list the projects in the east end of Glasgow in which the Scottish Development Agency is currently involved.

Mr. Lang

The table gives details of projects currently under way, and of those not yet under way but in respect of which agency funding has been committed. Other projects under consideration, but not yet committed, are not included.

Project title Description
Claythorn Street, Gallowgate The construction, on a derelict site, of 15 flatted dwelling units for sale.
Kerr Street, Bridgeton The construction, on a derelict site near Bridgeton Cross, of 82 flatted dwelling units for sale.
Laird Business Centre, Dalmarnock The redevelopment of the former DRG Lairds Packaging factory in Carstairs Street to provide some 140,000 square feet of small office, workshop and storage space for rent.
Paton Street/Duke Street The redevelopment of a site adjacent to Duke Street railway station to provide 20 flatted dwelling units for sale and two shop units for rent.

Urban Programme Community managed projects East End of Glasgow
Project Title Employees Urban Programme Funding
Managing Organisation Full time Part time Capital Current
Dalmarnock Youth Project
Dalmarnock Youth Committee 2 1 0 38,167
Barrowfield Youth Project
South Camlachie Community Council 1 0 0 18,866
Reidvale Adventure Playground
Reidvale Adventure Play Association 4 0 98,425 50,656
Centre for Disabled—Bridgeton
West GEAR Disability Forum 1 1 129,400 13,443
East End Money Advice and Information Centre
East End Advice Centre Management Committee 3 1 35,945 35,427
Alcohol Counselling/Lodging Houses, GEAR
Glasgow Council on Alcoholism 2 0 0 2,351
Orr Street Day Centre, GEAR
Calton Elderly Working Party 0 0 0 1,780
Dalmarnock Neighbourhood Office
Dalmarnock Community Council 0 0 0 56,992
Bridgeton Community Hall
Bridgeton Centre Executive Committee 4 0 0 56,202
Dalmarnock After School Care
Dalmarnock Women's Health Group 1 0 0 18,156
Barrowfield Family Flat
Barrowfield Family Flat Management Committee 2 0 0 35,407
GEAR Community Arts Project
GEAR Community Arts Project Council 2 1 0 33,033
Rape Crisis Centre Support Project (Womens Support)
Strathclyde Rape Crisis Centre 1 0 2,820 36,547
Bridgeton Unemployed Group
Bridgeton Unemployed Group 0 0 0 1,557
Dalmarnock Community Centre
Dalmarnock Community Association 3 1 0 9,242
Gallowgate Tenants Hall
Gallowgate Tenants Hall Steering Committee 2 3 0 45,855
East End Resident Advisors
East End Management Unit 2 0 0 26,215