HC Deb 28 October 1987 vol 121 cc283-5W
Ms. Richardson

asked the Secretary of State for Employment whether he will list (a) the members of the

Industry Training Board Membership
Industry Training Board Employer Members Employee Members Educationalists
Clothing and Allied Products
Chairman: Mr. M. Berwin Mr. G. Bowen Mr. A. Mauchan
Mr. T. Edge Mr. R. J. Bright Mr. F. Dickinson Mr. W. P. Bohm
Mr. G. Edward Mr. T. Evans Mrs. E. Ellison
Mr. P. Garland Mr. A. J. Hawkins Mr. R. C. Pearson
Mr. J. R. Harwood Mr. H. North Mr. P. Williams
Mr. J. D. Jackson Mrs. A. Spencer
Mr. R. A. Wheeler Mr. C. N. Tindley
Chairman: Mr. R. A. Duncan Mr. G. Brumwell Mr. J. A. Carter
Mr. D. Gaulter Mr. N. A. Dyer Mr. E. Clayton Mr. B. D. Cheshire
Mr. G. M. Fordy Mr. D. Crawford Mr. D. Coatesworth
Deputy Chairman: Mr. W. S. Hilton Mr. T. Dunn Mr. R. D. McMurray
Mr. T. Clements Mr. L. G. Kay Mr. G. P. Henderson Mr. G. B. Smith
Mr. H. Kronheim Mr. C. Kelly Mr. R. F. Wills
Mr. S. H. Moon Mr. C. Lovell Mr. N. J. Wright
Mr. R. R. Prettie Mrs. T. Prosser
Mr. W. J. Stewart Mr. A. Scott
Mr. J. Stevenson Mr. K. Sneddon
Mr. D. G. Stradling Mr. A. Williams
1 vacancy Mr. W. Young
Chairman: Mr. G. J. Armstrong Mr. P. Burns Professor W. A. Gambling
Mr. H. A. Whittall Mr. L. Ashworth Mr. A. B. Davies Mr. A. Cass
Mr. P. M. Ball Mr. G. Eastwood Mr. R. J. Hartles
Mr. R. T. N. Bowen Mr. A. Ferry Mr. W. E. Buckley
Mr. A. E. Dodd Mr. F. Howell Mr. J. Murray
Mr. H. Metcalfe Mr. W. Jordan
Mr. G. A. Peers Mr. F. Miller
Mr. P. J. Roots Mr. J. Tuckfield
Mr. D. Smith Mrs. P. Turner
Hotel and Catering
Chairman: Mr. I. Bell Mr. C. Cook Mr. R. C. Cunningham
Mr. J. Travers Clarke Mr. R. Dickson Mr. S. Erden Miss B. Hughes
Mr. K. M. Forbes Mr. V. Hince Mr. J. O'Connor
Mr. E. Franks Mr. E. P. Newall Mrs. M. C. Pevec
Mr. D. Hearn Mr. W. Nortcliffe Mr. D. Trewortha
Mr. N. Inkster Mr. J. L. Richardson
Mr. M. J. Kettell Mr. T. Sullivan
Mr. I. Petrie 1 vacancy

industrial training boards, (b) the criteria for selection of members, (c) the relevant qualifications of present members, (d) the number of Trades Union Congress-nominated places and (e) how many Trades Union Congress-nominated places are held by women.

Mr. Nicholls

The table gives details of members of the seven industrial training boards. Employer and employee representatives are appointed by the Secretary of State for Employment after consultation with appropriate employer and employee organisations. Educationalists are appointed by the Secretary of State for Employment after consultation with Ministers concerned with education in England, Scotland and Wales. No specific qualifications are required for appointment, so details of members' qualifications are not held centrally. Of the 51 places for employee members, only the seven on the hotel and catering board are filled after consultation with the Trade Union Congress; the other employee members are appointed after consultation with organisations representing employees in the relevant industry. Three employee members are women.

Industry Training Board Employer Members Employee Members Educationalists
Offshore Petroleum
Chairman: Mr. J. T. C. Hay Mr. A. Campbell-Reid Captain W. R. Hirst
Mr. P. H. Page Mr. G. W. McCullogh Mr. W. Duncan Professor B. McNaughton
Mr. J. R. Pearson Mr. J. M. Keenan Dr. A. Watson
Mr. A. Armstrong 1 vacancy
Plastics Processing
Chairman: Mr. J. Barton Mr. J. Bowers Dr. J. Brennan
Mr. J. Eccles Mr. E. R. Duffin Mr. K. Harper Dr. H. T. Taylor
Mr. W. H. Jones Mr. T. Lyle 1 vacancy
Mr. D. Williams Mr. R. Ward
Road Transport
Chairman: Mr. D. Gent Mr. J. Ashwell Mr. L. Smith
Mr. J. R. Armstrong Mr. I. Creek Mr. G. Hawley Mr. N. D. Lewis
Mr. J. C. Davidson Mr. A. Kitson Mr. P. Mitchell
Mr. J. G. Mellor Mr. P. McCoy Mr. R. Redwood
Mr. G. F. Pygall Mr. J. Moore Mr. J. Pearson
Mr. K. Rogers Mr. M. Murphy
Mr. L. J. Bassett Mr. L. Smith