HC Deb 21 July 1986 vol 102 cc74-5W
Mr. Sayeed

asked the Paymaster General what are the latest figures available for the number of self-employed in Bristol, East; and what was the comparable figure in 1979.

Mr. Lang

The latest available information comes from the 1981 census of population which identified 2,495 self-employed persons resident in Bristol, East.

A comparable figure for 1979 is not available.

Mr. Wilson

asked the Paymaster General if he will publish in the Official Report a table showing the latest non-seasonally adjusted percentage unemployment figures for (a) England, (b) Scotland, (c) Wales and (d) Northern Ireland.

Mr. Lang

The following information is available in the Library. The table shows the numbers of unemployed claimants in the areas requested on 12 June 1986, expressed as a percentage of the working population.

Per cent.
England 11.1
Scotland 14.0
Wales 14.1
Northern Ireland 18.6

Mr. Wilson

asked the Paymaster General what was the precentage increase in unemployment from 1975 to 1985 in (a) the United Kingdom, (b) Scotland, (c) Wales, (d) Northern Ireland and (e) England; and what information he has about the increase in (i) the original seven European Economic Community countries as a whole and (ii) the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development countries as a whole.

Mr. Lang

Following is the available information. The figures are not fully comparable because of national differences in coverage and methods of compilation.

Per cent, increase in unemployment: 1975 to 1985
Per cent.
United Kingdom 262
Scotland 230
Wales 230
Northern Ireland 222
England 271
Original six members of EC 162
Total OECD* 175
*1975 to 1984.

Note: The figures for countries for the United Kingdom are based on the seasonally adjusted series which allows for discontinuation in coverage.

Mr. Gordon Brown

asked the Paymaster General what is the most recent estimate for the increase in the labour force between 1986 and 1990; and what is his estimate of the total numbers in the labour force in 1990.

Mr. Lang

The civilian labour force in Great Britain is projected to increase by 380,000 between mid-1986 and mid-1990, to reach a level of 27,198,000.