HC Deb 10 December 1985 vol 88 cc618-9W
Mr. Kirkwood

asked the Secretary of State for Social Services (1) how many children were placed under supervision in each year from 1979 to 1984 on grounds of child abuse or neglect;

(2) how many children were in local authority care in each of the years from 1979 to 1984;

(3) how many children were admitted to care in each year from 1979 to 1984 as a result of child abuse or neglect.

Mr. Whitney

Children subject to abuse or neglect can be admitted to care by a variety of legal routes and are not separately identifiable in the statistics held centrally. The information available on children admitted to care for 1979 to 1983 is given in table 1 of "Children in Care of Local Authorities, Year Ending 31 March 1983, England" (A/F83/12), copies of which are available in the Library. Figures for 1984 are given in the table. Information on the number of children in care in England at 31 March from 1979 to 1983 is given in table 2 of the same volume; the number in 1984 is 74,845.

Information is not available centrally on the reasons why supervision orders are made.

Number of children admitted to care in England and circumstances in which they were admitted during the year ending 31 March 1984
Reason for entering care Number of children admitted*
Received into care under Section 2 of the Child Care Act 1980
Short term illness of parent or guardian 4,851
Long term illness or incapacity of parent or guardian 365
Confinement of mother 742
Family homeless 244
Parents are dead/no guardian 119
Abandoned or lost 472
Death of parent 243
Deserted by parent 1,662
Parent or guardian in prison or remanded to custody 464
Unsatisfactory home conditions 3,678
Other reasons 6,233
Sub-total 19,073
Committed into care by order of the courts
On remand or committed for trial/sentence or 2,204
detained in care
Subject to an interim care order 2,100

Committed by care orders made under the Children and Young Persons Act 1969
under Section
1(2)(a) 1,542
1(2)(b) 146
1(2)(bb) 23
1(2)(C) 138
1(2)(d) 571

Reason for entering care Number of children admitted*
1(2)(e) 608
l(2)(f)/7(7) 1,322
15(1) 213
25(l)/26(2) 6
Sub-Total 4,569
Committed by care orders made under other Acts
Section 43(1) of the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 330
Section 10(1) of the Domestic Proceedings and 21
Magistrates Courts Act 1978
Section 7(2) of the Family Law Reform Act 1969 235
Section 2(2)(b) of the Guardianship Act 1973 91
Section l7(l)(b) of the Children Act 1975 2
Others 127
Total 28.752
*Includes estimates for those authorities who were not able to return any data

Numbers and rates *for (a) infant, (b) neonatal, (c) early neonatal and (d) deaths under 24 hours for children in Leeds Western Health Authority 1982–84
Period of deaths 1982 1983 1984
Numbers Rates Numbers Rates Numbers Rates
(a) Infant 40 9.23 47 10.70 35 8.19
(b) Neonatal 26 6.00 31 7.06 19 4.45
(c) Early neonatal 21 4.85 28 6.38 13 3.04
(d) Under 24 hours 12 2.77 21 4.78 8 1.87

* Rates per 1,000 live births


(a) Infant—deaths of children aged under 1 year.

(b) Neonatal—deaths of children aged under 4 weeks.

(c) Early neonatal—deaths of children aged under 1 week.