HC Deb 12 November 1984 vol 67 c118W
Mr. Barry Jones

asked the Secretary of State for Wales what percentage change, in cash and real terms is represented by the figures for rate support grant in Wales for 1984–85, projected in July 1984, as compared with the actual figures for 1979–80; and if he will provide separate figures for district and county authorities.

Mr. Nicholas Edwards

A separate comparison for district and county authorities is not possible because of the introduction of block grant in 1981–82. The information available is as follows. The 1979–80 figures include second increase order and the 1984–85 figures are as at the first supplementary report.

Rate support grant
Percentage change 1979–80 to 1984–85
Cash terms Real terms*
Domestic element -45.2 -64.0
Other elements +44.6 -5.0
Total +37.5 -9.6
* Deflated to 1984–85 prices using the Gross Domestic Product Deflator.
Domestic relief is paid to district authorities as a flat rate subsidy (36p in the $ 1979–80, 18½p in the £ 1984–85), to reduce the level of rates paid by the domestic ratepayer.
Prior to 1981–82 the remainder of rate support grant consisted of a needs element and a resources element. From 1979–80, the needs element was distributed separately to districts and counties. Resources element was paid to districts only, but part was appropriated by the county via its precept. For 1984–85 the remainder of rate support grant consists of a separate Block Grant for each authority.