HC Deb 28 March 1984 vol 57 cc211-2W
Mr. William Ross

asked the Secretary of State for Social Services if he will publish a table in the Official Report showing the number of children in respect of whom child benefit was being paid as at 1 March; what was the average number in the financial year 1983–84; what was the average number of dependent children in each of the age bands (a) under 11 years, (b) 11 to 15 years, (c) 15 to 17 years and (d) over 18 years in respect of whom supplementary benefit is being paid; what was the average amount of supplementary benefit paid for each such group of dependent children; and what would be the cost of paying child benefit at that average in respect of all children.

Mr. Newton

The information requested is as follows:

  1. (1) Number of children for whom Child Benefit was in payment on 1 March 1984: 12.5 million*.
  2. (2) Average number in the financial year 1983–84: 12.6 million.

(3) Number of children for whom Supplementary Benefit was in payment in November 1982t, by age bands:
under 11 years 1,200,000
11–15 years 522,000
16–17 years 63,000
18 years and over‡ 8,000
(4) Average amount of Supplementary Benefit paid in the financial year 1983–84:
under 11 years £8.90
11–15 years £13.35
16–17 years £16.06
18 years and over £20.88
(5) Approximate gross increase in Child Benefit costs║ over the financial year 1983–84, if benefit paid at the rates in (4) above:
under 11 years £1,100 million
11–15 years £1,600 million
16–17 years £500 million
18 years old¶ £100 million


* Provisional estimate.

† The latest available figure.

‡ Includes some dependent children aged 19.

║ Estimates based on numbers of children in age bands at December 1982, the latest available figure.

¶ Child benefit ceases at age 19.

Mr. Steen

asked the Secretary of State for Social Services what was the supplementary benefit paid for a child at home under five years and a child of 16 years in each of the last five years.

Dr. Boyson

The relevant supplementary benefit scale rates are as follows. In addition, since November 1979 an automatic heating addition has been paid to householders with a child or children under five years of age, and the rate of this addition is also shown.

November Scale rate for child under 5 Automatic heating addition for householders with child or children under 5 Scale rate for child of 16
£ £ £
1979 5.20 0.95 11.25
1980 7.30 1.40 13.10
1981 7.90 1.65 14.30
1982 8.75 1.90 15.80
1983 9.15 2.05 16.50