HC Deb 20 February 1984 vol 54 cc390-1W
Mr. Ashdown

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs whether he has any plans to provide an air link between St. Helena and Ascension Island to enable medical emergencies to be evacuated quickly.

Mr. Raison

No. The feasibility of air communication with St. Helena has been examined but has not been considered to be viable. The island has its own well-equipped hospital. Any emergency evacuations which may be necessary are normally handled by diversion of shipping in the vicinity.

Mr. Ashdown

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs whether it is the intention of Her Majesty's Government to make available extra resources to improve, to a similar level as those of the Falkland islanders, the communications and living conditions of the inhabitants of the British island of St. Helena.

Mr. Raison

The particular needs of St. Helena, as well as those of the Falkland Islands, are generously provided for in our aid programme. In 1983–84, we expect to spend over £6 million on assistance to St. Helena.

Project aid £ Programme aid £ Debt refinancing £ Disaster relief £ Technical cooperation


1977 2,803,000 238,000 237,000
1978 217,000 21,000 335,000
1979 114,000 3,723,000 10,000 406,000
1980 7,585,000 13,000 437,000
1981 295,000 21,185,000 10,158,000 470,000
1982 446,000 12,533,000 3,327,000 576,000
1983 3,309,000 1,634,000 89,000 365,000

In addition, Turkey benefits from aid financed from the budget of the European Community. Expenditure is now taking place from the 3rd financial protocol and from a special aid package. The 3rd financial protocol provides 220 million ECU, for loans on special terms and the special aid provides 50 million ECU. The United Kingdom's share of these is about £27.5 million and £6.2 million respectively. In addition 90 million ECU is being lent from the European Investment Bank's own resources under the 3rd financial protocol. A supplement to the 2nd financial protocol and the 4th financial protocol have yet to be ratified.

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