HC Deb 29 November 1982 vol 33 cc42-5W
Mr. Hannam

asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department if he will publish details of grants to voluntary organisations in the United Kingdom from his Department during the financial year 1982–83, showing the amount awarded to each Organisation.

Mr. Raison

The voluntary bodies receiving grant aid, in the 1982–83 financial year and the amount of grant paid, or to be paid, where this has been fully determined are as follows:

Grants administered by the VSU
Action Resource Centre 20,000
Association of Researchers in Voluntary Action and Community Involvememt 7,400
AVEC 13,000
Bristol Courts Family Conciliation Service 23,000
British Association for Counselling 8,750
British Association of Settlements and Social Action Centres 25,500
British Council of Churches (Community Work Resource Unit) 12,880
CETU 29,500
Charity Trading Advisory Group 8,500
Church Army (Inner Cities Unit) 11,250
Community Projects Foundation 764,000
Community Service Volunteers 529,500
Community Transport 34,000
Fair Play for Children 25,000
Federation of Community Work Training Groups 20,000
Festival Welfare Services 18,500
Gamblers Anonymous General Services Board 1,000
Horticultural Therapy (Land Use Volunteers) 4,000
International Voluntary Service 18,000
London Voluntary Service Council 1,798
Merseyside Council for Voluntary Service 15,000
National Association of Young People's Counselling and Advisory Service 24,000
National Council for Voluntary Organisations (Grant-in-aid) 724,000
National Council for Voluntary Organisations (for International Conference on Social Welfare) 9,700
National Federation of City Farms 24,000
National Federation of Community Organisations 72,000
National Playing Fields Association 80,200
Northern Association for Community Care 39,600
Operation Drake Fellowship 25,000
Princedale Trust (for Release) 65,000
Retired Executives Action Clearing House 8,375
Standing Conference of Women's Organisations 3,000
Stockport Job Shop 52
Student Community Action Development Unit 21,500
Task Force 89,000
Trinity Overnight Shelter, Birmingham 15,600
Time for God 9,000
Voluntary Action Lewisham 500
Volunteer Centre 558,000
West End Co-ordinated Voluntary Services 102,350
West Yorkshire Radio Action 18,150
Women's Royal Voluntary Service (Grant-in-aid) 4,015,000
Young Volunteers Resource Unit 107,500

The VSU also makes grants under the Development of Local Voluntary Action Scheme:

Special Programme:
Hull Community Resources Development Project 14,750
NE Training Group for Community Work 25,000
Newham Parents' Community Resource Programme 17,500
Salford Community Involvement Project 18,500
Social Care Assembly for Normanton, West Yorkshire 12,300
Training for Voluntary Organisations (Southampton) 12,600
Waveney Project (Suffolk) 13,800
Wiltshire Information Resource Exchange 15,500
Small Grants Scheme: Provisional allocation
Cornwall (Carrick and Kerrier) 20,000
County Durham (Easington and Wear Valley) 20,000
Sandwell Metropolitan Borough 20,000
Wrekin District 20,000
Scotland and Wales 40,000
Charity Reviews: Amount of grant not yet determined
Grants for Refugees: Amount of grant already determined
British Refugee Council (Vietnamese Refugee Programme) 390,140
British Refugee Council (Refugees from other parts of the world 282,860
Ockenden Venture (Vietnamese Refugee Programme) 225,000
Refugee Action (Vietnamese Refugee Programme) 219,300
Save the Children Fund (Unaccompanied Vietnamese minors' home) 30,000
Amount of grant not yet determined
Ockenden Venture (Unaccompanied Vietnamese minors' home)
Grants (or grants-in-aid) to other bodies
International Social Service of Great Britain 181,000
Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents 9,000
United Kingdom Immigrants Advisory Service (grant-in-aid) 721,000
Grants administered by Criminal Department: Amount of grant already determined
Anchor Club, Leicester 7,550
Apex Trust 48,250
Barnsley ACRO 6,165
Bristol Prisoners Visitors Centre 1,400
Birmingham Prisoners Visitors Centre 3,376
Brixton Prisoners Visitors Centre 3,000
Bulldog Manpower Services Ltd 392,000
Catholic Marriage Advisory Council (grant-in-aid) 98,750
Circle Trust 32,700
Dartmoor Accommodation Scheme 4,890
Family Welfare Association (grant-in-aid) 15,200
HACRO Crisis and Support Centre 4,675
Halifax ACRO 7,278
Hampshire Care Trust 750
Hull Prison Visitors Centre 1,075
Institute of Marital Studies (grant-in-aid) 238,700
Jewish Marriage Education Council (grant-in-aid) 5,000
Leeds Prisoners Visitors Centre 1,100
Lewes Prison Visitors Centre 100
Lifeline Day Centre 8,086
National Association for the Care and Rehabilitation of Offenders (grant-in-aid) 462,000
NACRO—Education Advisory Service 22,330
National Association of Voluntary Hostels Ltd 33,760
National Marriage Guidance Council (grant-in-aid) 750,000
New Bridge 10,708
North-East London St. Leonards Society 1,372
North Eastern Prison After-Care Society 900
Preston and District Lodgings Scheme 2,000
Prisoners Wives and Families Society 1,850
Prisoners Wives Service 4,850
St. Giles Day Centre 4,000
Society of Voluntary Associates (SOVA) 21,495
Stonham Housing Association Ltd 29,000
South Yorkshire DACRO 6,500
York ACRO 6,926

Amount of grant not determined in respect of specific recipients £2.894 million is allocated to the deficit funding of some 300 hostels or other similar accomodation schemes administered by more than 200 voluntary bodies. A further £538,000 is allocated mainly on a once-for-all basis to assist special projects to be set up or maintained by some 60 voluntary organisations.