HL Deb 04 April 1979 vol 399 cc1958-61WA

asked Her Majesty's Government:

How many research projects into the tourist industry (costs, benefits, social and economic effects et cetera) have been funded by the Social Science Research Council, or any Government authority; which they are; at what cost and where they were undertaken; and what percentage this represents of—

  1. (a) the gross turnover of the industry, and
  2. (b) the contribution which the tourist industry makes to the balance of payments.

Year of Publication Details of Research Commissioned or In-House Approximate Cost
1976 The economic significance of tourism. Commissioned 3,550(1976)
(updated 1978) within the European Community. 2,050(1978)
1976 Tourism in context—discussion of Commissioned 500(1976)
(updated 1977) tourism's place in the broad context of recreation and leisure, and examination of some of the criticisms made about tourism.
1976 International tourism and strategic In-house n/a
(updated 1979) planning—summary of BTA 's studies and forecasts of international tourism, showing its impact on Britain, and the implications for BTA 's future policy.
1976 Tourism in Britain—the Broad Perspective. In-house n/a
(updated 1979) Review of tourism covering current scene, trends, issues and objectives. (Produced jointly by BTA and the three national tourist boards).
1976 Survey of East Midlands residents' opinions of tourism—part of comprehensive regional tourism study. Commissioned 3,500
1976 As above but for East Anglia. Commissioned 3,500
1976 Tourism multipliers in Britain—a guide to economic multiplers in theory and practice, In-house n/a
1976 London Boroughs' provision of subsidised holidays. In-house n/a
1976 Holidays: the Social Need—Report of ETB/TUC Social Tourism Study Group on holidays for the handicapped and socially disadvantage. In-house n/a
1977 Survey of Heart of England residents' opinions of tourism—part of comprehensive regional tourism study Commissioned 3,500
1977 Survey of Eastbourne residents' opinions of tourism—part of comprehensive study of tourism in the resort. Commissioned and In-house 10,000
1977 Appraisal of local income generated by tourists' expenditure at Eastbourne hotels and guest-houses—part of comprehensive study as above. Commissioned 1,000
1977 Survey of economic effects of tourism on retail, catering and entertainment trades in Eastbourne—part of study as above. Commissioned 3,200
1977 Tourism in Appleby, Keswick and Sedburgh. Assessment of visitor numbers and spending; the impact of their spending on the locale economies; and the employment generated. Commissioned 500
1978 Survey of London residents' opinions of tourism. Commissioned and In-house 10,000
1979 English cathedrals and tourism, problems and opportunities. Costs/benefits of tourism to cathedrals. In-house 18,000


The Social Science Research Council has not funded any research projects into the tourist industry. Details of research projects into the costs, benefits, social and economic effects of tourism carried out or commissioned by the four national tourist boards and the Highlands and Islands Development Board form 1976 to date are given in the table below.

Year of Publication Details of Research Commissioned or In-house Approximate Cost
1976 The economic impact of tourism. A case study in Greater Tayside. Commissioned 9,000
1977 The economic impact of tourism in Edinburgh and Lothian Region. The economic impact of the Edinburgh Festivals. Commissioned 9,000
1977 The social and cultural impact of tourism. A case study of Sleat, Isle of Skye. Commissioned 1,000
Not yet published Upper Speyside Tourism Impact Study. Commissioned 3,750
1977 Hotel occupancy in the Highlands and Islands(Economic). Commissioned 6,000
1976 and 1977 Accommodation Booking Analysis Commissioned 3,250(1976)
(Cost/Benefit). 3,750(1977)
1977 Self catering occupancy survey In-house 5,500
1977 Holidays marketing and information survey Commissioned 5,250
1977 Holidays planning survey (Cost/Benefit). Commissioned 2,800
1977 Interpretation facilities study Commissioned 4,500
1977 Overseas visitors study (economic). In-house 7,000
1977 Travelpass checkback study (Cost/Benefit). In-house 250
1977/78 Upper Speyside Tourism Impact Study Commissioned 3,750
1978 Islands Visitor Study (Economic). Commissioned 15,000
1978 Package Holidays Study (Economic). Commissioned 15,000
1978 Hotel and Self-Catering Occupancy Study In-house 5,000
1978 Accommodation Booking Analysis Commissioned 4,000
1977 Study of manpower resources in tourism. Commissioned 12,000
1977 (Begun in 1977 nearing completion now) Study of impact of grant-assisted tourist project upon local income and employment. Commissioned 15,000
1979 (Nearing completion now) Study of community attitudes and awareness in relation to tourism. Commissioned 7,000

The tourist industry is not statistically defined. In 1977 total spending in Britain by all tourists was about £4,800 million and, excluding fares paid to British carriers, their net contribution to the balance of payments was £1,077 million.