HC Deb 05 July 1978 vol 953 cc180-2W

asked the Secretary of State for Energy if he will state in the Official Report when the appointment of each member of each area electricity board will be due for renewal or termination; and what proposals he has for changing the composition of the board in each case.


The dates on which the current appointments of each of the members of the area electricity boards in England and Wales will expire are listed below. I will consider what further appointments may be required on those dates.

London Electricity Board
Date of expiry of current appointment
Mr. A. Plumpton 30.9.81
Deputy Chairman:
Mr. J. W. Evans 31.12.81
Part-time members:
Mr. E. Sharp 31.8.78
Mr. A. W. Fisher 31.3.80
Miss D. Whittingham 30.9.80
Mr. R. Martineau 16.3.81
Mr. L. Britz 23.1.80
Councillor R. E. Shaw 22.5.80
South-Eastern Electricity Board
Mr. R. A. Peddie 31.5.82
Deputy Chairman:
Mr. L. W. Goacher 13.3.82
Part-time members:
Mr. R. N. Bottini 19.2.80
Mr. G. A. Mickleburgh 5.1.81
Dr. P. Lesley Cook 30.9.78
Major J. More-Molyneux 30.9.78
Mr. C. Lovell 20.3.80
Mrs. M. Neville 24.4.80

Date of expiry of current appointment
Southern Electricity Board
Mr. J. A. Wedgwood 20.2.82
Deputy Chairman:
Mr. G. A. Squair 3.3.83
Executive Member:
Mr. F. E. Eyre 3.3.81
Part-time members:
Mr. A. D. Hopkins 13.10.78
Mrs. M. Johnson 31.12.80
Mr D. E. Philpot 1.5.80
Mr. L. F. Pratt 1.5.80
Mr L. N. Poulton 22.5.80
South-Western Electricity Board
Mr. K. F. Whittle 29.5.82
Deputy Chairman:
Mr. D. M. McGrouther 31.3.82
Part-time members:
Mr. B. M. Grime 31.3.80
Councillor Mrs. P. M. Forrest 31.3.80
Mr. S. F. C. Whitmore 31.7.78
Mr. R. H. Nethercott 31.12.80
Mr. P. K. Boys 31.5.81
Mrs. Saxon Spence 31.5.81
Eastern Electricity Board
Mr. C. Wickstead 31.12.82
Deputy Chairman:
Mr. G. W. Rufford 25.2.81
Part-time members:
Mr. M. H. Baker-Munton 31.3.80
Mr. J. R. E. Sabine 31.12.80
Mr. W. McCall 24.4.80
East Midlands Electricity Board
Mr. J. C. Smith 30.6.82
Deputy Chairman:
Mr. D. M. Pullon 29.5.82
Part-time members:
Mr. K. W. Bowder 31.3.80
Mr. H. Clarke 29.2.80
Mrs. J. Platts 31.3.80
Mrs. A. Gordon 31.3.80
Mr. H. L. Gibson 31.3.80
Mr. A. D. Spencer 31.12.80
Midlands Electricity Board
Mr. G. T. Shepherd 31.3.82
Deputy Chairman:
Mr. D. I. Morphet 2.4.81
Part-time members:
Mr. J. R. Ottey 31.1.81
Miss M. J. Welsh 31.12.80
Mr E. C. Sayers 31.12.80
Mr. P. J. Prior 31.12.80
Dr. J. A. Pope 31.3.80
Mrs. T. A. Stewart 31.12.80
South Wales Electricity Board
Mr. R. Cook 30.5.82

Deputy Chairman:
Mr. D. A. Ross 31.8.82
Part-time members:
Mr. P. J. Perkins 31.3.80
Mr. G. H. Wright 31.7.80
Lord Davies of Penrhys 24.8.80
Mr. C. Mort 31.12.80
Mr. S. E. Biddiscombe 31.12.80
Mr. E. Rea 31.12.80
Merseyside and North Wales Electricity Board
Mr. B. R. Hastings 31.12.82
Deputy Chairman:
Mr. R. T. Gales 28.2.83
Part-time members:
Mr. D. Morley-Smith 31.3.80
Councillor W. H. Sefton 31.3.80
Mr. J. G. Parkes 31.3.80
Mr. T. Jones 31.3.80
Mr. O. Edwards 31.12.80
Yorkshire Electricity Board
Mr. E. S. Booth 14.10.79
Deputy Chairman:
Mr. B. H. Weston 31.5.82
Part-time members:
Mr. C. Hands 31.3.80
Mr. J. B. Downs 31.12.80
Mrs. P. Horsley 17.6.80
Mr. J. G. Mills 31.3.80
Rev. Canon R. G. G. Foley 31.12.80
Mr. E. D. Sleeman 31.12.80
North-Eastern Electricity Board
Mr. T. Rutherford 15.5.82
Deputy Chairman:
Mr. J. A. Harmsworth 31.12.82
Part-time members:
Mr. J. W. Harper 31.3.80
Mr. W. Smart 31.3.80
Mrs. D. C. Eccles 30.4.80
Mr. B. W. Atkinson 31.5.81
North-Western Electricity Board
Mr. J. D. M. Bell 30.6.81
Deputy Chairman:
Mr. J. W. K. Evans 3.10.79
Part-time members:
Mr. W. Thornley 31.12.80
Councillor Miss M. A. Vince 20.1.80
Councillor A. Goldstone 31.3.80
Mr. R. Garland 31.12.80
Councillor J. E. Miller 23.10.80
Mr. I. C. Smith 23.10.80

NOTE. The chairmen of the area electricity consultative councils also sit ex officio on area boards. They are appointed by the Secretary of State for Prices and Consumer Protection.