HC Deb 14 March 1977 vol 928 cc53-60W
Mr. Richard Wainwright

asked the Secretary of State for Employment if he will list in the Official Report the job creation projects proposed or under way in the Wakefield, Leeds and Calderdale districts, respectively; indicating the number of jobs involved in each project.

Mr. Golding,

pursuant to his reply, [Official Report, 2nd March 1977; Vol. 927, c. 233–4], gave the following information:

I am informed by the Manpower Services Commission that the information is as follows:

Projects current
Wakefield Metropolitan District Council
Work study project 8
Environmental improvements 20
Assistance in Social Services Dept. 3
Environmental improvements 30
Wakefield Area Health Authority
Survey of medical records and Compilation of "at risk" register 2
International Voluntary Service
Recruitment of volunteers and development of voluntary Ark
Wakefield Area Health Authority Clerical assistance in Works Dept 2
Environmental improvements 9
Re-organisation of records 4
Wakefield Metropolitan District Council Work study project 6
Upton & North Elmsall Parish Council Environmental improvements 16
West Yorkshire Metropolitan District Council Assistance in excavation of archaelogical sites 8
Wakefield Area Health Authority Buildings survey 5
Wakefield Metropolitan District Council Environmental improvements 5
Wakefield & District Council of Voluntary Service
Setting up and running a battered wives hostel 2
Upton & North Elmsall Parish Council Renovation of youth club 5
Wakefield Metropolitan District Council Preparation of archive materials 1
National Coal Board (3 projects) Environmental improvements 60
Wakefield Metropolitan District Council Conversion of library records 1
Survey of street numbering and name plates 14
Assistance with meals on wheels 3
West Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive
Consumer research exercise 3
Inventory of plant and equipment 3
Implementation of a computerised route costings system 3
W Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive
Standardisation of stores system 1
Wakefield Area Health Authority
Survey of stores 2
Assistance in research into uptake of vaccination 2
Wakefield Metropolitan Borough Council
Leader for mobile playgroup 1
West Yorkshire County Council
Administrative support staff 49
Excavations on historical sites 6
Tree planting and landscaping 12
Wakefield Metropolitan Borough Council
Integrating book stocks 4
Upton and North Elmsall Parish Council
Redecoration and gardening for old people 16
West Yorkshire County Council
Research to determine the extent to which vegetable proteins are being used in meat products 1
Wakefield Metropolitan District Council
Establishment of careers information centre 1
South Elmsall Town Council
Gardening for elderly 16
South Leeds Team Ministry
Internal painting of Airdale District Hospital 4
Leeds Area Health Authority
Indexing of medical records 3
Leeds City Council
Development of nursery 11
Community care scheme 10
National Elfrida Rathbone Society
Community playscheme 4
Leeds City Council
Environmental improvements 24
Establishment of industrial museum 8
Leeds Area Health Authority
Rehabilitative assistance for stroke patients 4
Beeston YMCA
After-school care club 2
Batley Council for Voluntary Services
Painting homes of elderly and disabled persons 10
Leeds City Council
Environmental improvements 12
Temperature survey in council properties 2
Leeds Old Peoples Welfare Committee
Welfare services for the elderly 2
Leeds City Council
Creation of garden for the disabled 12
Nature trail scheme 12
St. Anne's Shelter and Housing Action Ltd
Renovation work and gardening 3
Leeds City Council
Gardening for the elderly 18
Otley Rugby Union Football Club
Gardening for the e lderly 18
Environmental improvements 9
Leeds Council for Voluntary Service
Information and co-ordination service for voluntary bodies 7
National Children's Home
Construction of classroom 7
Leeds City Council
Renovation of almshouses 7
Construction of display area for antique furniture 4
Chapeltown Community Play Association
Development of playgroup facilities 4
Leeds Area Health Authority
Health education campaign 13
Leeds Area Health Authority
Collection of items of ethnic interest, production of slides, tapes and video-tapes for use in schools 3
Leeds City Council
Research on pre-reading skill acquisition and preparation of document for teachers 3
St. Anne's Shelter & Housing Action Ltd.
Assistance at day centre for homeless 2
Leeds City Council
Social and literacy teaching for disadvantaged young people 4
Aides for home help service 6
Recreational facilities for school children 4
Printing and manufacture of teaching materials for use by adult literacy scheme 6
Leeds Area Health Authority
Research into steroid measurement 1
Leeds Association of Mental Health
Ancillary social workers for day centres and homes 4
Leeds City Council
Co-ordination of museum and art loan services 2
Leeds University
Research into stomach & bowel cancer and immunisation programme 4
Leeds City Council
Transposition of site history files 5
Leeds University
Analytical back-up to research staff 3
Leeds & District Spastics Society
Collection of unwanted furniture 2
Leeds Area Health Authority
Survey of case notes and data analysis for cancer control and monitoring 1
Wayside Trust
Environmental improvements 9
Otley Rotary Club
Environmental improvements 11
Leeds Liaison Council for Overseas
Students' Affairs
Survey of welfare needs of students 2
Leeds Polytechnic
Extension of teaching resources for ESN children 5
St. Georges Crypt
Ancillary staff in hostel for the destitute 4
Leeds City Council
Renovation of furniture 7
Improvements to golf course 7
Environmental improvements 5
Leeds University
Development of methods of assessment of drugs used to treat arthritis 2
Keighley Technical College
Conversion of building into centre for ESN school leavers 9
Leeds Diocesan Rescue, Protection & Child Welfare Society
Ancillary assistance in residential homes 4
Leeds City Council
Help for young people with numeracy and literacy problems 6
Playground improvements 6
Leeds University
Assistance for medical research 1
Audio-visual research aids 2
Red Ladder Theatre Company
Improvements to theatre company's buildings 8
Leeds Womens Aid
Assistance in Women's Refuge 3
Leeds City Council
Improvement to shrub nursery 7
Wheatfields Nursing Home
Assistance in preparation of planning documents 1
Rev. C. Kelly
Assistance with catering facilities at St. Paul's Retreat 1
Keighley Council of Social
Services Establishment of good neighbour network 3
Leeds City Council
Environmental improvements 2
Environmental improvements 2
Yorkshire Water Authority
Records re-organisation 1
Leeds City Council
Environmental improvements 5
Environmental improvements 5
Leeds Area Health Authority
Study of female infertility 1
Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council
Measurement and categorisatrion of amenity areas 1
Gardening for the elderly and disabled 5
Conservation, organisation and exploitation of archive resources 2
Development of community room and resource centre 7
Mytholmroyd Community Association
Renovation of building to create community centre 11
Age Concern
Gardening for elderly (2 projects) 12
Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council
Compilation of boundary records 1
Heptonstall Parish Council
Churchyard improvements 5
Stainland Community Centre
Redecoration of community centre 6
Halifax Rugby Union Football Club
Improvements to club facilities 5
St. John's Parish Centre
Renovations and new building 8
Smith Bulmer Co. Ltd.
Clearance of derelict land 5
Calderdale Area Health Authority
Updating of hospital estate records 2
Todmorden & Walsden Cricket & Bowling Club
Group improvements 2
Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council
Catalogue of council dwellings 2
Categorisation of council houses 2
Projects approved but not yet started:
Wakefield Area Health Authority
Survey of buildings 10
West Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive
Diesel fuel oil economy survey 4
West Yorkshire Metropolitan County Council
Research into presentation of information material 2
Wakefield Metropolitan District Council
Services for the old and disabled 1
Upton & North Elmsall Parish Council
Renovation to sports pavilion 5
Wakefield Metropolitan District Council
Services for the elderly and disabled 8
South Kirby & Moorthorpe Town Council
Environmental improvements 30
Wakefield & District Samaritans
Building renovations 18
Wakefield Area Health Authority
Survey of buildings 5
Wakefield Metropolitan Borough Council
Cataloguing of archaeological museum materials 1
University of Leeds
Landscaping scheme 3
Leeds City Council
Renovation of building to create outdoor pursuits centre 2
Community welfare work 7
Dr. Barnardos
Assistance for handicapped and emotionally ustable children 2
Leeds Area Health Authority
Construction of footpaths 5
Extension of golf course 5
Spastics Society
Alterations to a storeroom 6
Leeds University
Collation and computerisation of data 1
Yorkshire and Humberside Development Association
Assistance with publication 2
Leeds University
Devising of a test to assess the Well being of a foetus 1
Calderdale Council for Voluntary Service
Renovation to battered wives hostel and shop 10
Managers of Ash Tree School
Assistance in School for deprived and disadvantaged children 5
Calderdale Area Health Authority
Improvements to hospital grounds 2
Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council
Renovation of School furniture 7
Calderdale Council for Voluntary Services
Co-ordination of voluntary bodies 4
Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council
Redecoration of council dwellings 6
Production of teaching and publicity materials 4
Projects under consideration:
Sue Ryder Association
Renovation of home 36
Leeds City Council
Restoration of mill 11
Temperature survey of council property (2 phases) 4
Leeds University
Research into effects of radiation therapy 1
St. Anne's Shelter and Housing Action Ltd.
Clerical support 1
Remedial help for alcoholics 7
Leeds City Council
Clearing of walls and buildings 4
Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council
Cataoguing and indexing of teaching materials 2
Age Concern
Survey of needs of the elderly 14
Establishment of advice centre for mental health patients and relatives 5