HC Deb 22 November 1976 vol 919 cc832-3W
Mr. Macfarlane

asked the Secretary of State for the Environment if he will list the members of the Sports Council, the dates upon which they were appointed and the qualifications which secured their selection to the Council.

Mr. Denis Howell

The members of the Sports Council and the date of commencement of their current period of appointment are as follows:

Chairman—Sir Robin Brook, CMG, OBE, 1st June 1975


  • Mr. B. P. Atha, 5th August 1974
  • Mr. J. I. Disley, 5th August 1974.


  • Mrs. M. Glen-Haig, MBE, 1st February 1974
  • Mr. E. Major, MBE, 1st February 1974
  • Mr. R. J. W. Struthers, MBE, 1st February 1974
  • Mr. N. R. Croucher, 1st February 1974
  • Mr. H. Baxter, 5th August 1974
  • Mr. A. Hardaker, OBE, 5th August 1974
  • Mr. J. W. T. Hill, 5th August 1974
  • Mr. P. B. Lucas, DSO, DFC, 5th August 1974
  • Mr. K. K. Mitchell, 5th August 1974
  • Lord Rupert Nevill, DL, JP, 5th August 1974
  • Mr. A. Pascoe, MBE, 5th August 1974
  • Miss M. E. Peters, MBE, 5th August 1974
  • Mr. W. J. Slater, 5th August 1974
  • 833
  • Lt.-Col. H. M. Llewellyn, CBE, 1st April 1975
  • Mr. F. J. Hill, CBE, 3rd June 1975
  • Professor H. B. Rodgers, 1st July 1975
  • Lieut.-Gen. Sir James Wilson, CBE, MC, 31st January 1976
  • Mr. E. S. Hillman, 16th February 1976
  • Mr. I. S. McCallum, 16th February 1976
  • Mr. P. Heatley, CBE, 14th April 1976
  • Mr. J. B. Wilson, OBE, 14th April 1976
  • Mr. G. Edwards, 11th June, 1976
  • Mr. N. R. Collins, 5th July 1976
  • Mr. A. J. M. Miller, DSC, VRD, 5th July 1976
  • Mrs. E. Baker, 27th August 1976
  • Mr. W. J. Hicks, 27th August 1976
  • Mr. P. Stephenson, 27th August 1976
  • Mr. M. R. Steele-Bodger, 27th August 1976
  • Dr. P. N. Sperryn, 27th August 1976.

There are no specified qualifications for appointment to the Sports Council. In selecting members I naturally take account of individuals' experience, interests, and abilities, and the objectives and responsibilities of the Sports Council. Seven places on the Council are reserved for members directly nominated by the Central Council of Physical Recreation, which represents the governing bodies of sport.