HC Deb 19 December 1975 vol 902 cc808-11W
Mr. Cope

asked the Lord President of the Council if he will list the enactments passed in the last Session of Parliament showing in each case and in total the estimated effect on public service manpower.

Mr. Edward Short

Where it is thought that the provisions of an Act have impli-

Civil Service Manpower
Title Local Government Manpower 1st April 1976 1st April 1977 (increase over 1st April 1976)
Airport Authority Act Nil
Air Travel Reserve Fund Act Small increase in the Civil Aviation Authority.
Appropriation Act Nil
Arbitration Act Nil
Biological Standards Act Nil
British Leyland Act Nil
Child Benefit Act Nil 1,300 +3,240
Children Act 10 10 +0
Cinematograph Films Act Nil
Coal Industry Act Nil
Community Land Act 12,750* 89 +200
Consolidated Fund Act Nil
Consolidated Fund (No. 2) Act Nil
Consolidated Fund (No. 4) Act Nil
Conservation of Wild Creatures and Wild Plants Act Nil
Criminal Jurisdiction Act Nil
Criminal Procedure (Scotland) Act Some savings
Diseases of Animals Act Nil
District Courts Act Nil 191 +0
Education Act "Not significant"
Employment Protection Act Nil 700 +140
Export Guarantees Act Nil
Export Guarantees Amendment Act Nil 26 +16
Evidence (Proceedings in Other Jurisdictions) Act Nil
Farriers (Registration) Act Nil
Finance Act Nil 3,150 +100
Finance (No. 2) Act Nil 1,200 +0
General Rate Act An increase of about 30 in Local Valuation Panels. Saving of 800 Saving of 300
Guard Dogs Act Nil
Hearing Aid Council (Extension) Act Nil
Housing Finance (Special Provisions) Act Nil
Housing Rents and Subsidies (Scotland) Act Nil
House of Commons (Disqualification) Act Nil
Housing Rents and Subsidies Act Reduction of 180 staff due to abolition of Rent Scrutiny Boards.
Industrial Injuries and Diseases (Old Cases) Act Nil
Industry Act Nil 16 +0
Industrial and Provident Societies Act Nil
Inheritance (Provision for Family Dependants) Act Nil
International Road Haulage Permits Act Nil
Iron and Steel Nil
Local Government (Scotland) Act Possible small savings
Local Land Charges Act Nil
Limitation Act Nil
Lotteries Act Nil
Litigants in Person (Costs and Expenses) Act Nil
* Estimated figure when the Act is fully in operation.

cations for public service manpower, these are stated in the Explanatory Memorandum to the Act. The following information has been extracted from the Explanatory Memoranda to the Acts passed in the last Session of Parliament. The information given in respect of each Act should be considered in the context of the Explanatory Memorandum for that Act as a whole.

Civil Service Manpower
Title Local Government Manpower 1st April 1976 1st April 1977 (increase over 1st April 1976)
Mental Health (Amendment) Act Nil
Ministerial and Other Salaries Act Nil
Ministers of the Crown Act Nil
Mobile Homes Bill Nil
National Theatre Act Nil
New Towns Act Nil
Northern Ireland Assembly Disqualification Act Nil
Northern Ireland (Emergency Provisions) (Amendment) Act Nil
Nursing Homes Act Nil
Offshore Petroleum Development (Scotland) Act Nil
Oil Taxation Act Nil 14 +0
Pensioners Payment Act Nil
Prevention of Terrorism (Temporary Provisions) Act Temporary increase in police and immigration staff.
Prices Act Nil
Public Service Vehicles (Arrest of Offenders) Act Nil
Petroleum and Submarine Pipelines Act Nil
Policyholders Protection Act Nil
Recess Elections Act Nil
Referendum Act No permanent increase
Remuneration, Charges and Grants Act Nil 120 +0
Reservoirs Act A small increase in LA clerical staff may be necessary in some cases.
Safety of Sports Grounds Act 16 approximately
Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries Act Nil
Statutory Corporations (Financial Provisions) Act Nil
Sex Discrimination Act Nil 54 +0
Statute Law (Repeals) Act Nil
Social Security (Amendment) Act None which were not accounted for in Social Security (Amendment) Act 1973.
Social Security Benefits Act Nil
Social Security Act Nil
Social Security (Northern Ireland) Act Nil
Social Security (Consequential Provisions) Act Nil
Social Security Pensions Act Nil
Scottish Development Agency Act Small reduction Saving of 13 Saving of 8
Unsolicited Goods and Services (Amendment) Act Nil
Welsh Development Agency Act Nil Saving of 9 +0
Totals 12,600 approximately 6,048 +3,388
* Estimated net increase as at 1st April 1976: 18,648.
* Estimated net increase as at 1st April 1976: 18,648.