HC Deb 11 April 1975 vol 889 cc481-2W
Mrs. Winifred Ewing

asked the Minister for the Civil Service if he will list the Government offices which have been transferred to a Scottish location in each of the last 10 years, stating in each case the number of Civil Service jobs involved.

Period May 1963to 30th September1969 Year ended 30th September1970 Year ended 30th September1971 Year ended 30th September1972 Year ended 30th September1973 Year ended 30th September 1974 Totals
Department for National Savings
National Savings Bank. 2,024 889 600 168 32 697 4,410
Inland Revenue
London Accounts Office. Edinburgh. 81 12 93
London Provincial Districts. Edinburgh. 660 218 32 137 12 1,059
Totals 2,024 1,630 830 200 169 709 5,562

tions in the pattern of supply and demand among member States it is difficult to compare wheat and maize prices inside and outside the Community. But the following table illustrates the differences between United Kingdom cif prices as at 7th April for respectively the varieties of North American wheat and maize which are both extensively traded on world markets and wheat and maize of Community origin. The source of this information is the Home-Grown Cereals Authority Weekly Bulletin.

Mr. Charles R. Morris

Records of Civil Service posts dispersed from London date from May 1963 following the Flemming Report and were not maintained on a yearly basis until October 1969. Information about offices and posts uispersed to Scotland in the period May 1963 to 30th September 1969 and for each year subsequent to 30th September 1969 is below. The figures do not include new organisations established in Scotland under Government location policies or announced plans for further dispersal. No central record of Government work which may have been transferred into Scotland, other than by dispersal from London, is maintained.