HC Deb 18 November 1970 vol 806 cc443-4W
Mrs. Knight

asked the Secretary of State for Social Services what are the criteria for deciding to whom free milk will be available; and what level of take-home pay will qualify a man with three children under 11 years of age and paying a rent of £4 per week.

Sir K. Joseph

I assume my hon. Friend has in mind free milk for children under five. Under the arrangements now proposed milk will be supplied free:

  1. (a) For all but the first two children under five in any one family.
  2. (b) For an expectant mother who already has two children under five.
  3. (c) For children in day nurseries and private day care groups, including children in the care of child-minders. (Children attending local authority nursery schools and classes qualify under the school milk scheme.)
  4. (d) For handicapped children up to school leaving age not attending an educational establishment.
  5. (e) For other children under five and other expectant mothers on grounds of financial need.

Examples of net incomes giving entitlement to free milk on grounds of financial need are as follows (on the assumptions in each case that the husband is the sole wage-earner and that there is a rent of £4 per week but no hire purchase payment or income from capital savings):

  1. (i) Man and wife expecting first baby—£15 17s. (one pint per day).
  2. (ii) Man and wife, one child under five—£17 7s. (one pint per day).
  3. (iii) Man, wife and two children under five—£19 4s. (two pints per day).
  4. (iv) Man, wife, two children (one under five, one of eleven)—£19 11s. (one pint per day).
  5. (v) Man, wife expecting child, three children (two under five, one aged eleven)—£21 8s. (three pints per day).

A man and wife expecting a child, both working, and with three children (one under five, one of eight and one of 11 years) with rent of £4 per week and interest of 15s. per week from savings of £800, would be entitled to two pints of free milk per day if the total net income did not exceed £24 9s. (£23 4s. without the savings).

An increase or decrease in the amount of rent paid would lead to a corresponding increase or decrease in the net income levels shown in the examples. Thus a rent of, say, £5 per week would lead to an increase of £1 in the net levels, while a rent of £3 per week would mean a decrease of £1 in these levels.

As from August next year entitlement to Family Income Supplement will automatically entitle pre-school children and an expectant mother to free milk.