HC Deb 21 July 1970 vol 804 cc77-9W
71. Mr. Meacher

asked the Minister of Housing and Local Government what has been the annual value for each year since 1950 of central Government subsidies for local authority housebuilding, national assistance or supplementary benefit housing grants, and tax relief on mortgage interest payments for owner-occupiers, respectively.

3. Mr. Channon

Housing Subsidies

Below are total payments of subsidy to local authorities, new town development corporations, the Commission for the New Towns and housing associations in respect of new permanent dwellings provided by those bodies in England and Wales. No separate figures are available for payments to local authorities.

1950–51 23,099
1951–52 25,397
1952–53 30,028
1953–54 35,495
1954–55 42,077
1955–56 48,200
1956–57 50,345
1957–58 53,017
1958–59 57,705
1959–60 60,086
1960–61 60,989
1961–62 63,646
1962–63 66,025
1963–64 67,966
1964–65 72,959
1965–66 77,669
1966–67 82,385
1967–68 94,132
1968–69 107,051
1969–70 (estimated) 130,000

Social Security

Below are the amounts added for rent in each of the years in question in the assessment of householders in Great Britain receiving supplementary benefit. In this context rent includes rates and, in the case of owner occupiers, mortgage interest and an allowance for repairs and the insurance of the dwelling. No figures are available for earlier years.

£ million
1967 172
1968 192
1969 213

Tax relief

Tax relief for owner occupiers in the United Kingdom in respect of mortgage interest was as follows. (No figures are available for earlier years. The figures do not include option mortgage subsidy.)

£ million
1962–63 75
1963–64 90
1964–65 110
1965–66 135
1966–67 157
1967–68 180
1968–69 195
1969–70 215

Mr. George Cunningham

asked the Minister of Housing and Local Government what was the total value of housing subsidies paid to local authorities in the United Kingdom out of central Government funds in 1969–70; in respect of how many units of accommodation these subsidies were paid; and what was the average subsidy per unit of accommodation.

Mr. Channon

In 1969–70 local authorities received almost all the estimated £163 million paid in subsidies to housing authorities and associations in Great Britain. Subsidies were payable under various Acts in respect of nearly all the 5.4 million dwellings owned by local authorities but the incidence of subsidy per individual dwelling varies according to the authorities' own rent policies.