HC Deb 03 December 1968 vol 774 cc450-4W
Mr. Willey

asked the Secretary of State for Social Services whether he will specify all the forms he has issued in connection with the imposition of prescription charges.

(a) Information/application forms:
(1) EC91 Application form for expectant and nursing mothers and persons suffering from specified medical conditions.
(2) EC94 Expectant mothers' alternative application form.
(3) EC95 Pre-payment certificate application form.
(4) PC11 Guide and claim form for refunds and exemptions on "hardship" grounds.
(b) Exemption Certificates:
(1) EC92 Exemption certificate for expectant/nursing mothers and persons suffering from specified medical conditions (Executive Council).
(2) EC96 Pre-payment exemption certificate (Executive Council).
(3) PC2 Exemption certificate for recipients of supplementary benefit paid by order book and their dependants.
(4) PC3 Exemption certificate for persons assessed as being unable to afford prescription charges.
(5) PC3E Exemption certificate for unemployed persons receiving supplementary allowance.
(6) PC3WF Exemption certificate for persons receiving welfare food on "hardship" grounds.
(7) A War disablement pensioners exemption certificate (other ranks).
(8) B War disablement pensioners exemption certificate (officers).
(c) Informative letters/notification slips.
(1) EC93 To ineligible applicants for EC92 (printed form now discontinued).
(2) PC2E Explanation to unemployed persons receiving supplementary allowance of arrangements for obtaining refunds or an exemption certificate.
(3) PC2W Explanation to persons receiving supplementary benefit from the local social security office of the arrangements for obtaining refunds.
(4) PC3N To ineligible "hardship" applicants-notification of no entitlement.
(5) PC4 To applicants on "hardship" grounds when there is entitlement to refunds, but not exemption.
(6) PC5 To applicants on "hardship" grounds who were not entitled to exemption prior to the increase in supplementary benefit rates on 7th October.
(7) B/03F(slip) Notification that although supplementary benefit is not payable there appears to be an entitlement to refund of prescription charges.
(d) Combined receipt for prescription charge and application for refund:
EC57 In pads for 2s. 6d., 5s., 7s. 6d.
(e) Inter-authority transmissions, administrative forms, etc.:
(1) EC34* Chemist's invoice to Joint Pricing Bureau.
(2) PC6 Inter-office transmission of EC10 or EC57 for checking purposes.
(3) PC7 Used for return of EC10 or EC57, after check, to Executive Council.
(f) Prescription and declaration forms:
(1) EC10* General practitioner's prescription form-prescribing doctor.
(2) EC10D* General practitioner's prescription form-dispensing doctor.
(3) EC10S* Armed services doctor's prescription form.
(4) EC10HP* Hospital doctor's prescription form.
(5) EC1OHP/AD Hospital doctor's prescription form-drug addicts.
(6) ECI4* Dentist's prescription form.
(7) HSA4 Hospital out-patient's declaration form-for use in place of a declaration on the reverse of a prescription form.
(All the forms in this group were revised and reissued consequent on the introduction of pre-payment certificates.)
* Other versions of these forms were in use before the reintroduction of prescripton charges.

Mr. Bidwell

asked the Secretary of State for Social Services if he will publish in the OFFICIAL REPORT a list of advertisements he has issued in connection with medical prescription charges, giving the date, name of journal and amount paid.

Mr. Ennals

The information requested is in the table below. The advertisements in May and June announced the reintroduction of prescription charges and the arrangements for obtaining exemption and refunds. The advertisements in

Mr. Ennals

Yes, the information is as follows:

October dealt mainly with pre-payment certificates.

Publication Date (1968) Cost of Space (£)
Daily Express 28th May 2,500
4th June 2,500
18th October 1,089
21st October 1,089
23rd October 1,089
28th October 1,197
Publication Date (1968) Cost of Space
Daily Mail 28th May 1,300
4th June 1,430
17th October 726
22nd October 726
Daily Mirror 1st June 3,472
4th June 3,472
17th October 1,488
21st October 1,488
Daily Sketch 29th May 700
4th June 700
17th October 360
23rd October 360
Daily Telegraph 28th May 1,287
5th June 1,287
11th October 668
21st October 668
The Guardian 28th May 520
5th June 520
18th October 264
22nd October 264
Sun 29th May 715
4th June 715
17th October 363
24th October 363
The Times 31st May 550
4th June 550
17th October 396
21st October 396
News of The World 26th May 3,120
2nd June 3,120
20th October 1,584
27th October 1,584
Observer 26th May 1,235
2nd June 1,235
20th October 627
27th October 627
People 2nd June 2,515
20th October 1,419
Sunday Express 2nd June 3,000
9th June 3,000
Sunday Mirror 2nd June 3,920
9th June 3,920
20th October 1,680
27th October 1,680
26th May 975
Sunday Telegraph 2nd June 975
20th October 495
27th October 495
Sunday Times 2nd June 1,820
9th June 1,820
20th October 990
27th October 990
Darlington-Northern Echo 28th May 130
5th June 130
17th October 66
23rd October 66
Birmingham Mail 29th May 357
7th June 357
18th October 181
21st October 181
Newcastle Evening Chronicle 29th May 227
4th June 227
17th October 115
21st October 115
Nottingham Evening Post and News 29th May 179
4th June 179
17th October 91
24th October 91
Portsmouth Evening News 29th May 107
4th June 107
Preston-Lancashire 28th May 154
Publication Date (1968) Cost of Space
Evening Post 4th June 154
17th October 78
22nd October 78
Sheffield Star 30th May 211
4th June 211
17th October 107
21st October 107
Coventry Evening Telegraph 29th May 122
5th June 122
17th October 62
21st October 62
Hull Daily Mail 29th May 127
5th June 127
17th October 64
25th October 64
Leeds Yorkshire Evening Post and Doncaster Evening Post 28th May 374
5th June 374
17th October 157
24th October 157
Leicester Mercury 29th May 195
4th June 195
17th October 99
21st October 99
Liverpool Echo 28th May 325
4th June 325
17th October 165
22nd October 165
Manchester Evening News and Chronicle 30th May 406
5th June 406
17th October 206
22nd October 206
Middlesbrough Evening Gazette 28th May 122
4th June 122
17th October 70
21st October 70
Southampton-Southern Evening Echo 29th May 97
5th June 97
17th October 49
22nd October 49
Stoke Evening Sentinel 28th May 107
5th June 117
17th October 59
24th October 59
Wolverhampton Express and Star and Shropshire Star 28th May 244
4th June 244
17th October 124
21st October 124
Cardiff Western Mail 27th May 195
3rd June 195
17th October 99
24th October 99
Cardiff South Wales Echo 28th May 146
4th June 146
17th October 74
29th October 74
Bradford Telegraph and Argus 29th May 146
5th June 146
17th October 74
21st October 74
Bristol Evening Post 30th May 179
4th June 179
17th October 103
24th October 103
Y Cymru 24th October 25
31st October 25
Baner ac. Amserau Cymru 24th October 25
31st October 25
Herald Cymraega'r 21st October 29
Genedl Herald Mon 28th October 29

Because of rounding figures do add to Total £90,662.