HC Deb 04 December 1967 vol 755 cc219-21W
Sir R. Russell

asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer if he will publish in the Official Report a list of Commonwealth and foreign countries showing the latest exchange rates, following the devaluation of the £ sterling, and the value in shillings and pence of each unit of currency.

Mr. Harold Lever

The lists below contain details, as at midday on 4th December, of the exchange parities to the U.S. $ of those countries which have announced a change or changes in parities to the Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund, and which the Board has approved, together with the existing declared Fund parities to the U.S. $ of a number of other countries which, at the above date, had announced that there will be no change in their exchange parities. The rates to the U.S. $ have been converted to show a rate to sterling, at U.S. $2.40=£1. These rates are indicative only. The list of countries is not necessarily comprehensive, and the rates are based on the best information available as at 4th December. Actual dealing rates for all currencies may vary from day to day, and the principal rates are normally published in the financial press. Parity rates for all member countries of the I.M.F. are published monthly in "International Financial Statistics".

No change in parities to the$ Local currency units per U.S. $ Local currency units per £ converted at $2.40 = £1 Value of one unit of local currency*
Australia A $0.892857 2.14286 9s. 4d.
South Africa Rand 0.714286 1.71429 11s. 8d.
Zambia £ Zam. 0.357143 0.857143 £1 3s. 4d.
Nigeria £N 0.357143 0.857143 £1 3s. 4d.
Ghana NC 1.02041 2.44898 8s. 2d.
Kenya K.Shs. 7.14286 17.1429 1s. 2d.
India I. Rs. 7.50000 18.0 1s. l.3d.
Pakistan P. Rs. 4.76190 11.4826 1s. 9d.
Malaysia M $3.06122 7.34693 2s. 8.7d.
U.S.A. 2.4 8s. 4d.
Canada Can. $1.08108 2.59459 7s. 8.5d.
Belgium B. Fcs. 50.0000 120.0 2d.
France F. Fcs. 4.93706 11.8489 1s. 8.3d.
Germany DM 4.00000 9.6 2s. 1d.
Italy Lire 625.000 1,500.0 0.2d.
Netherlands Fls. 3.62000 8.688 2s. 3.6d.
Austria Sch. 26.0000 62.4 3.8d.
Portugal Esc. 28.7500 69.0 3.5d.
Greece Dr. 30.0000 72.0 3.3d.
Turkey £T 9.00000 21.6 11.1d.
Norway N. Kr. 7.14286 17.1429 1s. 2d.
Sweden S. Kr. 5.17321 12.4157 1s. 7.3d.
Finland NM 4.19997 10.0799 1s. 11.8d.
Japan Y 360.000 864.0 0.3d.
Mexico Pesos 12.5000 30.0 8d.
* To the nearest tenth of a penny.

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