HC Deb 12 April 1965 vol 710 cc137-9W
60. Mr. Marten

asked the Minister of Aviation if he will list the locations of all the contractors' plaints for the TSR2.

2. Mr. Roy Jenkins

About 1,000 firms did some work on the TSR2 project, either as direct contractors to the Ministry or sub-contractors. The main direct contractors' works are at Weybridge, Preston and Bristol, and the rest are largely concentrated in Greater London and the Home Counties; the industrial Midlands; and the North West, with a smaller concentration on the Clyde.

Following is a list showing the location of the works of the main contractors and principal sub-contractors:

TSR.2 Project—Principal Contractors and sub-Contractors

Firms holding direct contracts from Ministry of Aviation

  • The British Aircraft Corporation Ltd. (Wey-bridge and Preston Divisions)
  • Bristol Siddeley Engines Ltd. (Bristol and Leavesden)
  • Plessey Co. (U.K.) Ltd. (Titchfield)
  • Ferranti (Edinburgh and Manchester)
  • E.M.I. Electronics Ltd. (Hayes, Middx.)
  • A.E.I. Ltd. (Coventry)
  • Mullard Electronics Ltd. (Crawley)
  • S. Smith & Sons (Barkingside)
  • Cossor (U.K.) Ltd. (Harlow)
  • Ekco Ltd. (Southend)
  • Marconi (Basildon)
  • General Precision Systems (Aylesbury. Bucks)
  • Elliott Bros. Ltd. (Rochester, Kent)
  • Kollsmans Instruments (Southampton)
  • Vinten Ltd. (Bury St. Edmunds)
  • Williamson Mfg. Co. (Willesden, N.W.10)
  • A.G.I. Ltd. (Croydon)
  • Wray Optical Ltd. (Bromley)
  • Fraser Nash (Kingston-on-Thames)
  • M. L. Aviation (Maidenhead)
  • Microcell Ltd. (Camberley, Surrey)
  • M. B. Metals (Portslade, Sussex)

Principal Sub-contractors

  • Elliott Bros (London) Ltd. (Borehamwood, Rochester and Sydenham)
  • S. Smith & Sons (Barkingside and Basingstoke)
  • Ferranti (Edinburgh)
  • Decca Radar Ltd. (Hersham)
  • E.M.I. Electronics (Hayes)
  • S.T.C. Ltd. (London N.W.11)
  • Dowty Rotol Ltd. (Cheltenham and Coventry)
  • Martin Baker Aircraft Ltd. (Denham)
  • Plessey Co. (U.K.) Ltd. (Ilford)
  • Hawker Siddeley Dynamics (Hatfield)
  • Aviation Tool (Hounslow)
  • 138
  • J. Booth Alum. (Birmingham)
  • T. J. Brooks (Leicester)
  • Cramic Aircraft Components (Southall)
  • Darchem Engineering (Durham)
  • Diac (Croydon)
  • Electro-Hydraulics (Warrington)
  • G.K.N. Screws (Birmingham)
  • Sir G. Godfrey & Partners (Feltham)
  • H. M. Hobson (Wolverhampton)
  • Imp Metal Ind. (Witton, Birmingham)
  • Lucas G. T. E. (Birmingham and Liverpool)
  • D. Napier & Sons (Luton)
  • Mullard Electronics Ltd. (Crawley)
  • Normalair (Yeovil)
  • Stargate Engineering (Blackpool)
  • Sperry (Bracknell)
  • Triplex (Birmingham)
  • Palmer Aero Products (London)
  • Serck Radiators (Birmingham)
  • Teddington Aircarft Controls (Merthyr Tydfil)
  • Ultra Electronics (Acton)
  • Vactric Ltd (Morden, Surrey)
  • Ransome & Marles Bearing Co. Ltd. (Newark)
  • High Duty Alloys (Redditch)
  • Firth Vickers (Sheffield)
  • Daniel Doncaster & Sons (Sheffield)
  • Firth Derihon Stamping Ltd. (Sheffield)
  • Mark Bridge Iron & Steel (Leeds)
  • Hughes Johnson Stamping (Oldbury)
  • Tubes Ltd. (Aston, Birmingham)

NOTE: The above lists are based on the latest information available from contractors.

Mr. Peter Mahon

asked the Minister of Aviation if he is aware of the social implications and anxiety felt by workers and their families who will be affected by the decision of Her Majesty's Government to cancel the TSR2 project; what detailed steps will be taken to ensure full consultation with both workers and management concerned; and if he will make a statement.

Mr. Roy Jenkins

I realise that the decision to cancel the TSR2 has caused anxiety to those engaged on the TSR2 project and I have heard the views of trade union representatives on the subject. Before taking the decision, the Government considered very carefully the social consequences of cancelling the TSR2 and we have worked out special measures to help those affected. They were described by my right hon. Friend the Secretary of State for Economic Affairs in his speech to the House on 7th April. We shall continue to keep in close touch with both management and trade unions.

Mr. Marten

asked the Minister of Aviation if he will give an estimate of skilled, semi-skilled, and non-skilled workers who will cease to work in connection with the TSR2 as a result of its cancellation, giving the total for each of the contractors' plants.

Mr. Roy Jenkins

The total number of workers employed on the TSR2 at the time of cancellation is estimated to be 20,000, of whom about 2,000 were design staff.

I am not prepared to give further details since the effect at each plant of the cancellation must be worked out between the contractors and their workpeople.

Mr. Marten

asked the Minister of Aviation what are the estimated cancellation costs of TSR2.

Mr. Roy Jenkins

In comparing TSR2 and Fl 1 l costs, the Government estimated that terminal charges on all TSR2 contracts, including expenditure already committed as well as cancellation costs, would not exceed £70 million. The precise sum is a matter for negotiation with the contractors, and will be additional to the £125 million already spent.

Mr. Marten

asked the Minister of Aviation if he will make a statement on the performance of the TSR2 up to cancellation.

Mr. Roy Jenkins

Up to the date of cancellation the first aircraft had made 24 flights and completed some 13 hours flying time. The aircraft was performing well in flight. The larger and less predictable part of the programme remained to be completed.