HC Deb 10 June 1964 vol 696 cc64-5W
44. Miss Vickers

asked the Secretary of State for Defence how many married quarters, houses and flats, are to be built for the three Services in the United Kingdom in 1964; what are the conditions of occupation by tenants; and what are the average rents paid.

Mr. Ramsden

In the present financial year my right hon. Friend the Minister for Public Building and Works expects work to start on a total of 4,400 married quarters. During the year completion of 3,270 married quarters is expected.

Once a Service man has been allocated a married quarter under the rules in force he may remain in that quarter so long as he continues to serve on the Active List, and in the unit for which the married quarter is intended, so long as he pays the appropriate quartering charges, and there is no evidence of misconduct, misbehaviour or a breach of station regulations on his part or on any member of his family or any other person living in or using the quarter.

For the Royal Navy and Royal Marines, however, there is an additional

Rank Weekly Charge for Type of Quarter
Type A Type B Type C Type D WOI Type
s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d.
Leading Seaman, Corporal, Corporal, R.A.F. and below 40 0 44 0 46 0 48 0
Petty Officer, Sergeant and Sergeant, R.A.F. 41 6 45 6 47 6 49 6
Chief Petty Officer, Staff Sergeant and Flight Sergeant 43 0 47 0 49 0 51 0
Warrant Officer Class II. 43 0 47 0 49 0 51 0
Warrant Officer Class I, Warrant Officer, R.A.F., Regimental Sergeant Major, R.M. and Quarter Master Sergeant R.M. 45 6 49 6 51 6 53 6 65 0
Annual Charge for Furnished Quarter
Lieutenant, Captain, Flight Lieutenant and lower commissioned ranks 192
Lieutenant-Commander, Major and Squadron Leader 225
Captain R.N. with less than 6 years' service, Colonel, Group Captain, Commander, Lieutenant-Colonel and Wing Commander 261
Captain R.N. with 6 years' service, Brigadier and Air Commodore 294
Rear-Admiral, Major-General, Air Vice-Marshal and officers of higher rank 330