HC Deb 29 May 1963 vol 678 cc156-7W
Sir Richard Glyn

asked the Minister of Housing and Local Government and Minister for Welsh Affairs if he will state the total sum paid in general grant, deficiency grant and grants of all kinds to Dorset County Council in the years 1953–54, 1958–59, 1960–61, 1962–63, and the estimated total grants for 1963–64;

Dorset County Council
Year General grants Rate-deficiency grants Total Proportion of expenditure represented by grants
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
£ £ £ Per cent.
1953–54 340,458 2,451,387 57.7
1958–59 559,781 3,986,542 59.9
1960–61 2,512,019 593,355 4,785,609 63.2
1962–63 3,312,855 655,174 5,335,000 57.4
1963–64 3,586,927 531,147 5,756,000 55.8

The figures given in the Table for general and rate-deficiency grants represent the amounts actually paid to the Council during the year in question; the totals represent the amounts brought into account by the Council in each year. The figures for 1963–64 (and the total for 1962–63) are estimates.

The amount paid in any year by way of general grant and rate-deficiency grant consists of a payment on account of the amount estimated to be due for that year, together with adjustments in respect of previous years. Consequently the amount paid in any year is almost certainly different from the amount due in respect of that year.

General grant was introduced only in 1959–60; it replaced a number of specific grants previously payable. Rate-deficiency grants replaced Exchequer equalisation grants in 1959–60, and the figures given for 1953–54 and 1958–59 relate to the latter.

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