HC Deb 17 April 1962 vol 658 cc27-8W
31. Mr. Russell

asked the President of the Board of Trade if he will give details of the items on which the United States Tariff Board in the last ten years

Commodity Tariff Increase Effective Date U.S. Imports from Britain ($'000)
Year preceding action Year following action 1960
Dried figs From 2½ to 4½ cents per lb. 29. 8.52 Nil Nil Nil
Watch movements and parts Various specific duties increased by 50 per cent. or to the 1930 rates, whichever was the less 28. 7.54 Insignificant Insignificant Insignificant
Bicycles From 7½ per cent. to 11¼ per cent. on lightweight bicycles and from 15 per cent. to 22½ per cent. on others 19. 8.55 12,971 6,984 6,410
Certain linen towelling From 10 per cent. to 40 per cent. 26. 7.56 481 73 30
Spring clothes pins From 10 cents to 20 cents per gross 10.12.57 Nil Nil Nil
Safety pins From 22½ per cent. to 35 per cent. 31.12.57 510 275 319
Clinical thermometers From 42½ per cent. to 85 per cent. 22. 5.58 Nil Nil Nil
Cotton typewriter ribbon cloth Broadly, from 27½—30 per cent. to 38–44½ per cent. 23. 9.60 880 210(12 months ended 31.8.61— partly estimated)
Crown, cylinder and sheet glass (weighing 4 oz. or more per square foot) From 0 . 7–1 . 4 cents per lb. to 1 . 3–3 . 5 cents per lb. 18. 6.62 3,113
Wilton, velvet, Brussels and tapestry carpets From 21 per cent. to 40 per cent. 18. 6.62 780
Note. In addition, absolute or tariff rate quotas were imposed on three items of which Britain was a relatively unimportant supplier (lead and zinc, certain stainless steel flatware and alsike clovereed).

have increased import duties on goods entering the United States on the grounds that their entry was damaging or threatening to damage American home industry; to what extent this has affected British exports; and to what extent British exporters have been involved in expense in making representations to the Tariff Board.

Sir K. Joseph

In the last ten years the President of the United States has increased import duities on ten items, following findings by the Tariff Commission of injury to domestic industries. I am circulating details in the OFFICIAL REPORT, showing British trade before and after the increases. Import or duty quotas were imposed in three other cases. I do not know the expenditure incurred by British firms in representing their interests before the Tariff Commission.