HC Deb 21 February 1961 vol 635 cc33-5W
Viscount Lambton

asked the Minister of Works if he will give a list of the buildings in Africa for which he is responsible.

Lord John Hope

I am responsible for all services in the following buildings, of which the freehold is vested in my Department or which are held on long leaseAccra: High Commissioner's Residence. 9 Staff houses or flats. Addis Ababa: Embassy Compound. Alexandria: Consulate General Compound. Beira: Consulate Residence. Cairo: Embassy Residence and Offices. 6 Staff houses or flats. Capetown: High Commissioner's Offices. High Commissioner's Residence. Dar-es-Salaam: 2 Staff houses. Dakkar: Embassy Residence, Embassy Offices. Enugu: Deputy High Commissioner's Offices, 6 Staff houses or flats. Elisabethville: Consulate Offices. Residence and Compound. Fez: Consulate Offices and Residence. Harar: Former Consulate. Hargeisa: Consul General Office and Residence, 8 Staff houses. Kaduna: Deputy High Commissioner's Residence. Khartoum: A new Embassy House is under construction. Lagos: High Commissioner's Residence, Deputy High Commissioner's Residence. 31 Staff flats or houses. Mega (Ethiopia): Consulate Office and Residence. Leopoldville: Consul General's Residence. Lourenco Marques: Consulate General Offices and Staff flat, Consul General's Residence. Monrovia: Embassy Offices, a new Embassy House is under construction. Nairobi: 3 Staff houses. Pretoria: High Commission Offices, Deputy High Commissioner's Residence. Senior Trade Commissioner's Residence. Port Said: Consulate. Port Tewfik: Consulate Offices and Residence. Ramleh: Embassy Summer Residence. Salisbury: High Commissioner's Residence, Deputy High Commissioner's Residence, 5 Staff houses. Tananarive: Embassy Residence. Tangier: Consul General's Offices and Residence. Tunis: Embassy Offices. Tetuan: Residence of former Consul General.

In addition I am responsible for certain furnishing and maintenance services in 91 leased office and/or residential premises in the following places:

Accra. Kaduna.
Asmara. Khartoum.
Algiers. Kampala.
Beira. Lagos.
Brazzaville. Mogadishu.
Benghazi. Leopoldville.
Cairo. Luanda.
Casablanca. Lome.
Conakry. Monrovia.
Capetown. Nairobi.
Durban. Pretoria.
Dar-es-Salaam Rabat.
Dakar. Salisbury.
Duala. Santa Cruz.
Enugu. Tananarive.
Freetown. Tripoli.
Ibadan. Yaounde.
Johannesburg Zanzibar.

Viscount Lambton

asked the Minister of Works how many representatives he has in Africa to deal with the maintenance of British Embassies and buildings under his control.

Lord John Hope

North-East and East Africa are dealt with from my Beirut office, which also covers the Middle East. The office contains four professional and seven supporting staff. A clerk of works is stationed at Cairo.

West Africa is dealt with from my Lagos office, which contains three professional and thirteen supporting staff.

North Africa is dealt with from London.

In the Union of South Africa and in Southern Rhodesia local architects are employed on a fee basis.

Visits are made by professional staff from London as necessary.